The combination of chucks with jeans

Best sneakers-converse combined with clothes of sports style. A great option is the combination of these shoes with jeans. Converse will look great in addition to skinny jeans whistles, hat and leather shoulder bag. This option requires the selection of the top of the wardrobe in accordance with the color of the Shoe. Stylish and relaxed look is a perfect complement for original sunglasses.

Chucks complete with cropped jeans make your look sophisticated. With long and wide jeans will only see the toes of converse. You can wear them with worn jeans, in this case, you create the grunge (way old school). This option is good for everyday use.

To create a stylish gangster image wearing chucks with baggy jeans. Look particularly impressive red jeans tucked into chucks. While the shoes needs to be carefully laced.

Converse and shorts – playful ensemble

Chucks are perfectly blended with shorts. The main thing – to choose the most harmonious ensemble. For example with sneakers-converse look great cropped shorts denim. Especially effective is such a combination, if the shoes are laced with bright colored laces.

Do not wear long shorts with sneakers-converse, the shoes look only short patterns.

Converse as an element of feminine look

It is not necessary to focus on sports or men's images, choosing women's shoes-chucks. This stylish and comfortable the shoes looks great with skirts. Stylists recommend to combine with the chucks not only skirt sports areas, but also romantic skirts-packs. The way to be particularly stylish if you combine it with solid color top and bright and original bag.

Some particularly brave person combine converse chucks with short Flirty dresses. This set looks very original, especially if the dress and shoes is designed in one color.

Thanks to its fashionable shoes-converse, your way will not be only stylish, but also original. The extraordinary diversity of bright colors, this Shoe will help any girl to create your own unique image. And the advice of stylists give you the opportunity to demonstrate your keen sense of style. And even if you are a supporter of classical fashion trends, women's shoes will perfectly complement your wardrobe. Indeed, any walk will be much more pleasant if you are comfortable and shoes.