You will need
  • powder;
  • soap;
  • - mesh washing bag.
Before washing, carefully inspect the shoes to the integrity of whether it is coming off of items that can fall and get stuck in the machine. Remove insoles and laces can be washed by hand using ordinary soap or detergent. Rinse the shoes under running water, removing sand, dirt and other debris.
If boots made from synthetic materials, they can send in the washing machine. In this case, use a special mesh bag with plastic gaskets that need to fold shoes. Thus, you will not only protect the shoes from cracking and deformation, but also save the machine from damage during strikes. The recommended temperature for washing is 30 degrees without function pressing and drying; select the delicate program. The powder should be put in the normal amount. If the shoes are white, add a little Vanish.
You can wash the shoes by hand in a basin, adding a little powder and soak for a while. Not to dry shoes on the battery - better put it in a dry warm place the pre-stuffed with crumpled sheets of newspaper.
Boots of leather to wash is not recommended. To clean it from dirt you can use soap solution and soft cloth. To eliminate bad odors, wipe the inside of the solution of potassium permanganate or alcohol; can use a special deodorizing sprays. To leather shoes will last you a long time, regularly lubricate it with special treatments and creams.