Advice 1: How to wash boots

Every thing in the house require special care, whether it be furniture, clothing or shoes. For anybody not a secret that Laundry is an integral part of everyday life, and this is not the most pleasant thing. If the shoes emit an unpleasant odor inside, you should think about its washing, pre-clearing boots from clogged dirt and pebbles.
How to wash boots
You will need
  • powder;
  • soap;
  • - mesh washing bag.
Before washing, carefully inspect the shoes to the integrity of whether it is coming off of items that can fall and get stuck in the machine. Remove insoles and laces can be washed by hand using ordinary soap or detergent. Rinse the shoes under running water, removing sand, dirt and other debris.
If boots made from synthetic materials, they can send in the washing machine. In this case, use a special mesh bag with plastic gaskets that need to fold shoes. Thus, you will not only protect the shoes from cracking and deformation, but also save the machine from damage during strikes. The recommended temperature for washing is 30 degrees without function pressing and drying; select the delicate program. The powder should be put in the normal amount. If the shoes are white, add a little Vanish.
You can wash the shoes by hand in a basin, adding a little powder and soak for a while. Not to dry shoes on the battery - better put it in a dry warm place the pre-stuffed with crumpled sheets of newspaper.
Boots of leather to wash is not recommended. To clean it from dirt you can use soap solution and soft cloth. To eliminate bad odors, wipe the inside of the solution of potassium permanganate or alcohol; can use a special deodorizing sprays. To leather shoes will last you a long time, regularly lubricate it with special treatments and creams.
Not recommended to be put in the washing machine more than two pairs of shoes - she could knock the glass in the door.
Useful advice
In order to remove the unpleasant odor from shoes, you can use old folk recipe. Moisten the cloth in a weak solution of vinegar and wipe the inside of the Shoe. Put to dry on the air – a balcony or a loggia.

Advice 2 : How to wash running shoes

Running shoes – shoes for people leading an active lifestyle. In order to get the look of sneakers remained high after exposure to street dust, reagents or precipitation, from time to time, athletic shoes need a thorough washing.
Wash sneakers
If cross-country running shoes start to lose an attractive appearance and daily care in the form of surface cleaning and wiping will not solve the problem, then it's time to put shoes gentle wash.

Wash sneakers genuine leather

If running shoes is sewn from genuine leather, nubuck, suede leather or have leather inserts, subjected to washing these shoes is not recommended. Leather does not tolerate excess moisture, swells, loses its shape, and after drying it becomes hard and calloused.

Athletic shoes expensive leather manually cleaned of dirt with warm water with addition of soap or gel for washing. The only thing that can be machine washed, this insoles and shoelaces, if needed. After the removal of stubborn dirt, wipe the shoes clean with a damp cloth and leave to dry. Dried up sneakers cream for leather shoes or baby cosmetic cream.

Shoes from nubuck or suede panels better not expose it to water, and cleaned with a brush and special sprays sold in Shoe stores. To remove stains and make white light skin you can use lemon juice or very diluted water of ammonia.

Machine washable sneaker

Athletic shoes made of textile or synthetic and artificial materials put in order, you can use machine washing. Preliminary preparation for washing is to remove with a damp cloth most of the major impurities and the purification of the soles from the sand and stuck stones. Before washing you must remove the insole and laces and place them together with the shoes in a special washing bag or old pillowcase. However, if does not have and old pillow cases to wash the sneakers together with any old piece of cloth or a small outdoor rugs – this will allow you to pay off the vibration of the washing machine and reduce the beating of shoes on the glass door.

If your washing machine is not equipped with a special function of washing the shoes, then when you select it is best to stick to delicate washing cycles or with a minimum expenditure of time. The water temperature should not exceed 30-40 degrees, the spin mode and automatic drying also needs to be disabled. When you wash bright sneakers to the washing powder you can add a little bleach for linen.

Drying running shoes is made either in the sun or at room temperature without using heaters or radiators. To shoes do not lose shape, inside lay a crumpled newspaper, which change as getting wet. In white sneakers put paper towels, because the printing ink from Newspapers can be imprinted on a light surface.
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