You will need
  • - a basin with warm water;
  • - toothpaste and an old toothbrush;
  • soft cloth;
  • - oxygen bleach;
  • - baking soda;
  • powder;
  • - liquid varnish remover.
Wash sneakers from dirt and dust in a basin with warm water. Be cautious and careful, especially if your shoes are not stitched. Preferably inside the shoes are not wet. After this kind of five-minute wash, wipe the shoes with a dry towel. If all contamination was removed, you can not continue the cleaning Shoe. Otherwise, you will have a hard job.
Apply brush toothpaste and gently, gently, brush the shoes from ingrained dirt which is not removed with washing. The convenient use of a toothbrush is its size and ability to penetrate all the hard to reach dirty parts of your shoes. Then a wet rag wipe off remaining toothpaste with sneakers.
You can use regular powder. Apply a small on a damp cloth, and within a few minutes quick movements clean sneakers. Rinse the powder with water. The powder is suitable and ordinary baking soda, which is also able to whiten a little ashen shoes.
If all else fails, use any oxygen bleach. Mix it in correct proportions with water and soak in a solution of a rag. Then wipe shoes. If you use liquid detergent, you can not dilute it, as the sneakers are made of fairly durable material, to damage them you should not.
Wet soapy sponge to wipe the laces, or just wash them. To clean the sole, apply to the cloth a small amount of liquid nail Polish remover and RUB of dirt. Then completely dry sneakers. To restore the Shine on the shoes, apply white or colorless cream.