You will need
  • tape;
  • - satin ribbon, scissors, needle, thread to match
On dress bow may be located in the neck, the neckline, the belt, or instead of, hem.The easiest is the classic or French. This bow know everything. After all, they tie the laces on shoes, decorate gifts. Take the two ends of the tape or belt, put them together to make loops ("ears"), then apply the criss-cross one another. The right "eye" thread in a loop. Tighten received a bow and beautifully spread. But try not to twist the ribbon, but before tightening, check that the hinges turned out the same size, but ribbon face turned out. If you have made a classic bow from the wide ribbon, the ends are cut at an angle if the bow cord, the ends of the tie knots.
To give the costume or dress of spice, simply make a small bow. To prepare this tape, a needle and thread. Cut a piece of ribbon with a length of 20-25 cm and Pinch the ends to the middle and secure them with a stitch using a needle and thread. Then cut strips from another piece, 5 cm long and they wrap the joints area. On the reverse side of this piece of tape will secure the stitch. Bow ready. Sew it to the dress. The bow can be done two-tone. Take ribbons of different colors and different widths. Narrow ribbon put on wide. Repeat these operations.
Make a layered bow for decoration evening dress or clutch. Fold a wide ribbon stack, for this alternately apply the edges on each other, starting from the center of the tape. Length of pending edges is equal to the length of the loop of the bow. Apply 6-8 layers and seal them with a stitch in the center. Starting with the bottom layer, turn each received loop inside and unroll. The top loops bind to each other, if you used a soft tape. A bow adorns the dress of the model in the picture.To make this Bantu coquetry decrease the step of the tape with each new layer, so the bottom loop of the bow will be large, and the upper very small and will marry your design like a crown.
Bows like the student robes of the schools of Europe, you can make cut thick tape no longer than 20 cm Simply unfold the ribbon and alternately fold the ends overlapping to the center with downward shift, the needle will secure the bow. Its ends is to trim with the letter V.