First and foremost, decide on the choice of style. The more complicated the fit of the chosen model, the softer and finer should be chosen fabric. If the dress contained a wide range of assemblies, Drapes or ruffles is the perfect choice is chiffon, acetate or silk, fine taffeta and crepe.
If there is a need to hide excess fat at the waist and emphasize the figure, the best choice for sewing dresses will be tight taffeta. It holds its shape and drape well rigid folds.
Dresses made of natural silk will adorn your wardrobe. Silk is rightly called the king of fabrics. It is lightweight, breathable and very durable. Dress made of natural silk can have an arbitrarily complex structure, seams and folds will be perfect. But keep in mind that like all natural fibers, silk is easily wrinkled. Therefore, in such a dress, you don't come to an event where you have to get up and down: the skirt is very quickly acquire a "crinkled" look.
Silk and satin have a very slippery surface, keep this in mind when choosing a model. Otherwise, you will always have to correct slipping of the straps or hangers.
If your figure is not perfect, do not choose to dress fabric with a shiny surface, it visually adds volume. Satin, silk, moire taffeta, satin is more suitable for slender girls.
Do not choose for dresses with bodice, slinky acetate satin. He quickly stretches and loses its shape, especially at the seams. In General, cocktail dress should look as if the hand of the seamstress didn't touch him. This is the perfect fabric for loose flowing models with light draperies.
Fabric with a complex structure, embroidery, sequins, suitable for very simple models. In addition, such fabrics are not suitable for public events, because few people will be able to assess the sophistication of the pattern or decoration. If you plan to appear before a large audience, select for dresses crepe, matte taffeta or watered silk.
Brocade woven with gold or silver thread, is the ideal fabric for evening dresses, which you will wear in the cooler seasons for a date or romantic dinner. It is quite dense and will be perfect to keep the shape throughout the event. Due to the high content of metallic fibers are expensive brocade hardly wrinkled.
Remember, the larger the pattern on the fabric, the more it distorts the proportions of the figure. Fabric with a large pattern absolutely does not fit petite women. In addition, a major figure looks bad on models with complex cut bodice.
The only fabricthat easily carries Laundry at home is faux crepe. Therefore, if you plan to wear often, choose it. Otherwise you have to spend on dry cleaning.