You will need
  • - 9% vinegar
  • - gauze
  • - cotton swabs
  • - iodine
  • Sol
  • soda
  • butter
  • - garlic
  • - propolis tincture
First, wear rubber gloves. Gauze soaked table 9% vinegar carefully treat shoes inside, scrub the insoles. Socks and tights wash inside out. At night, wear clean socks.
For the treatment of nail fungus, you can choose several ways.

Take 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of boiled water, stir well in the glass. Steam in water the skin and nails, cut deeply affected nails. Cotton swab moistened with oil toes. Then put on thin socks and go to sleep. Repeat the procedure until the complete disappearance of the fungus.
One of the effective means from a fungus of the nails is iodine. Every morning and evening treat the affected surface of your nails 5% solution of iodine. The course of treatment is three weeks.
In a glass, pour warm boiled water. Add 1 teaspoon salt and baking soda. The affected lower legs for 30 minutes in this solution. Then rinse them under running water.
In a bowl, mix softened butter with crushed garlic in equal amounts. The prepared mixture is spread on the affected areas of the skin and nails. Procedure is spent once a day until complete disappearance of the fungus.
To combat the fungus, you can use a 20% extract or tincture of propolis. Moisten a cotton pad and gently apply to the affected area of the nail. After this procedure, the affected nail stops its growth and begins to grow new and healthy.