Treatment of fungus of birch tar

To get rid of foot fungus, you should use the following folk recipe using birch tar. For starters, you need to carefully steam the feet in warm soapy water for twenty minutes, get rid of the skin flakes with a pumice. Then thoroughly dry the feet and apply the tar to the problem areas. Pay special attention to the nails, folds, areas between the fingers, the cracks. Wrap feet in cling film and put on cotton socks, one and a half hours remove the tar with a cloth, do not wash your feet. Go this way for two days. After some time repeat the procedure again. This is an inexpensive and effective folk remedy is sufficient to use three to five times to say goodbye to the hated fungus.
Do not forget about the disinfection of footwear. Change socks every day, wash them in boiling water with powder or soap.

Prescription ointments against foot fungus

Excellent effect in the treatment of fungus, lichen, pruritus and other skin diseases provides the ointment, which is so easy to prepare at home. To do this you need 100 grams of vinegar 70%, one egg and ounce pack of butter. Butter chop with a knife or grate on a grater, put in a half-liter jar, pour vinegar. To the same place the whole egg, do not stir. Put a jar in the fridge. A week later, the egg shell has dissolved, and once that happens, all components are thoroughly mix the ointment is ready to use. Lubricate her foot twice a day, already a week later from the fungus will not remain and a trace. Keep the cream should be refrigerated.
The patient should be your hygiene. In any case, do not use a common towel or soap, don't wear someone else's shoes, so as not to transmit the fungus.

Garlic to combat athlete's foot

Take a few cloves of garlic, clean it from the husk and grind to a pulp. Mix with the same amount of butter. From the cooked mixture every night to make compresses for the feet. Apply paste to problem areas, wrap the foot in cling film, put on your socks, leave the poultice overnight. In the morning wash feet thoroughly with soap. Repeat the procedure daily until complete recovery from the fungus.

Mix in a glass container with one tablespoon of alcohol 90% and freshly squeezed garlic juice. The composition of the dilute two tablespoons of purified water. Lubricate the infected athlete's foot every night. The course of treatment is two to three weeks.