At the first sign of disease need to seek medical help. If possible, try to get to a specialist – the doctor-mycologist. If this is difficult, consult a dermatologist. In addition to the inspection required to take samples from the affected nail bed for the analysis (establish the species of the fungus-parasite). Depending on the results of the analysis and the extent of involvement of the nails treatment.
At the beginning of the disease it is possible to quickly get rid of the fungus, twice a day treating the affected area with anti-fungal remedy, for example, ointment. Before that, it is advisable to prepare for the procedure: steam the feet (or hands, in those rare cases when affected nails on his hands) in hot water with addition of soda and soap.
This treatment (heat treatment plus rubbing antifungal ointment) should be performed until, until you grow healthy nails without any signs of damage to the nail bed.
Drugs used to treat fungus, selected by agreement with the doctor. Them very much, "Clotrimazole", "Nizoral", "terbinafine", "drug zistan", etc. In the initial stages of the disease they are extremely effective.
However, if the mildew has struck the entire thickness of the nail bed, the mere local use of these tools may be ineffective. In this case, the doctor will prescribe stronger antifungals that are given in the form of tablets, for example, "Mycomax", "Orungal", "Fungoterbin", etc. in the appointment of such drugs is important to consider all the contraindications, for example, they should not be taken if the patient has kidney problems or liver.