If you and your friend are subscribers of mobile operator "MTS", in the network, dial on your phone a special command: *112* the number of the person whose account you want to transfer * transfer amount # and press "Call". Note that the service is not free – your balance will be deducted an amount equal to 7 rubles. The transfer amount must be at least 1 ruble and not more than 300 rubles.
Wait for a response from the operator. Incoming message will contain a verification code that you will need to send from your phone. The command should look as follows: *112* received code# "the Call". After that, funds will be debited from your account and credited to another account.
If you want to replenish the balance of another, can enter its number in the memory. To do this from your mobile device, enter the following command: *114* the number of the friend whose account you want to refill* the figure is the periodicity of payment* transfer amount # and press "Call". The frequency can be different: daily (figure 1), weekly (figure 2), monthly (figure 3).
Wait for an incoming service message with a confirmation code. If you want to refuse this service, dial from your device the following combination of characters: *144* friend's number # and press "Call".
To use the service "Direct transfer" you can and with the help of the "Internet Assistant". This system you will find on the official website of the cellular operator. For access you will need to register a password. After this enter the system, activate the service, providing all the required information.
If none of the methods does not suit you, contact the operator of the number 0890 or visit the office in person. To assist with the connection of service you can and in the representation of the operator.