In the company "MTS" there is such a service as "Mobile transfer". Can take advantage of any subscriber. To order send money to another person, you need to dial USSD-command *112*subscriber's number*amount# and press the call. Please note that the sent transfer can be from one to three hundred ruble. For each replenishment of a foreign balance, the operator will charge a Commission of 7 rubles.
You can also put funds on the account of another subscriber by purchasing a payment card and activating it. All the necessary instructions located on the reverse side of this card. You only need to read the code and send it to a specified number.
In addition, now there are payment terminals, is designed to send funds. To use them is quite easy and simple: select the operator of the subscriber (in this case,"MTS"), then specify the phone number and drop into the terminal the necessary amount. Don't forget that many items will be charged per transaction (it may depend on the number of shipped devices).
A subscriber left without the necessary funds in your account from the comfort of home will be able to replenish it. It became possible thanks to the service "Trust payment". Her connection can be made at any time through the "Mobile assistant". To access this please dial 111123 operator or send USSD command *111*123#. You can activate the service through the subscription service the company calls 1113. Any client "MTS" also available number of USSD-request *111*32#. The size of the ordered payment depends directly on the amount spent by the subscriber on a monthly basis. Therefore, when the amount of, for example, 300 rubles, you will be able to replenish the balance of not more than 200 rubles. The service is available for seven days from the date of connection.