As you know, the Black Moon is the apogee of the Lunar orbit. On the other it is also called Lilith, so, what was the name of the first woman of Adam. Lilith as nothing is created all indicators of human sin and dark karma. It can have a fatal influence on the destiny of man, but can she do it only in case if the person has a very low spiritual development. Therefore, people of strong spirit, she almost has no effect.

The most dangerous effect it can have when it is in conjunction with malefic planets, e.g. Pluto. Lilith affects a person in his sexual life, choosing a partner that is in a person's life it is primarily responsible for his animal instincts. To overcome, or at least not to fall on them only when you know when will be her next coming, so to speak.
The Black moon is not only the fatal destiny. It helps a person to understand what needs to change in themselves to become better.

Black Moon returns to the same position as at birth every 9 years to be exact, once every 8.85 years. It was at this time beginning of all fractures and tricky events in my life. If you did not develop, it will gradually put pressure on a component of human nature that will later lead to tragic events, and go astray from the right path. But if you start working on yourself in this period of life, it is possible to move to a higher spiritual level, that is supportive lifeline.

Lilith tempts man in his return only when he is following the wrong path. If you realized this, then you have a chance to correct his version of life on a more favorable and correct. In other words, there is always two sides of the same coin.

Of course, there is always a counterbalance to the "dark forces". In this case, is the White Moon Lulu. Astrologers believe that she is an Ambassador of our guardian angel.

In the horoscope is very important to consider all the smallest details. But whatever it is and whatever it is, it all depends on our actions and deeds that we are doing today, this day, this hour, this minute. Think about what is in your life, and maybe you will make it better. Good luck!