The Orthodox Church holds the opinion that these entities are quite real, and only come to a deep sinners. How does it happen?
In a state between sleep and wakefulness to the man or the woman "comes" this entity and commit the victim, intercourse. In this sense, when the sex of the victim is much brighter, more realistic and sharper than normal – this sexual act. Sex always culminates in a powerful orgasm, and the victim after this incident feels fatigue, lack of energy and even the broken state of moral desolation and guilt. Victims of such attacks report that at the time of sex absolutely do not have forces to resist, even if you don't want such communication. Often, the victim falls into a state of sleep paralysis during it. The person experiences what is happening, but can not resist, to control the will, mind, body. People who had with the succubus and Incubus sex, also say that the sex is very sensual, and the feeling is many times better than with a real person, there is a kind of communication on a subtle level. Ie call the demons are very skilful and affectionate lovers. There is an overwhelming desire. Regular erotic dreams are very different from the kind of experience and the difference is obvious for those who come across it. A succubus or Incubus is often not visible to humans, but sometimes comes in the form of a beautiful man or woman. In General, this creature is able to assume any shape, attractive to the victim, to cause attraction and to take away a person's energy. Or Vice versa, strangled and bullied, laugh, but with the same result – the person loses energy, giving them. The goal of demons is to call the victim or sexually irresistible desire or fear to feed off the emotions of the person, to "squeeze" him. Often the desire and the fear the victim is experiencing at the same time.
Sometimes succubi and Incubus are visible to people as satire, hairy devils with horns and tails of animals, it is considered that this is their natural appearance. The victim of demonic entities during intercourse gives the maximum energy to the demon, but gets nothing in return. This dangerous kind of relationship. Moreover, it is likely to fall into addiction like drug. While real sex between man and woman is an exchange of energy and charge, but during the connection with succubus or Incubus is only the devastation of the energy reserves of the body, which is very destructive effect on the aura, health and personal life. It is quite difficult to get rid of such guest. Catholicism and Christianity in the middle ages was equated similar relationship to bestiality (the demon has an animal form) or sodomy (succubus – a demon male, host female form). It was considered and is now considered a very grave sin. It could be burned at the stake during the Inquisition.
Psychologists write that such sexual might experience someone who hasn't had a long intimate relationship, or afraid to realize sexual fantasies that seem shameful. And this is only a realistic figment of the imagination caused by unconscious processes. The author of this article, in such a case the victim would not have experienced severe fatigue and apathy after communication of this kind. Then would have frequent erotic dreams, though more realistic than usual. Besides the invisible guest appears and those who have everything in order with intimacy. The consequences of sexual relations with demons is a very severe disease, weakness (especially of the incredible lack of energy "after"), punched the energy shell, constant insomnia, bad luck in his personal life, suicidal thoughts. Not to mention the other karmic consequences, like a curse of sorts, etc.
The Ministers of Orthodoxy claim that the night demons can come only to those who took the soul of a very grave sin – the study of magic, parapsychology, spirituality, divination, witchcraft, etc. of the meditation Practice, the development of super-powers, reading "slo" (occult) literature is a grave sin and is punishable accordingly. The person becomes obsessed. But the author of the article then the question arises – why victims of demons are those who denies all the magic, astrology, and never did? The history of Catholicism tells about the many nuns who survived this experience.
Esoterics say that a succubus and Incubus – demons, elementals, larvae, or entities of the lower astral plane, and are "attached" to those who have weak energy protection. Some esoterics say that these are very strong creatures – fallen angels, but not from the lower strata of the astral.
Can you believe in these entities, can not believe it, but the real experience of people shows that it happens quite often, and it is quite common. A victim of the succubus and Incubus can be any person, the causes and the nature of their origin and sexual assault on humans is still not understood, is not unequivocal and clear. But almost all people who had sexual contact with these entities, and wish to break the tie, eager to continue the unit. The attack of these creatures is akin to rape because the victim can not Express their will and refuse to act. Such unequivocal approval of all "tried". The victim often senses that the attackers "stealth" a few, and sometimes pain in the perineum and around the body. Magicians and sorcerers can inflict damage on the person – "hooked" this essence to the aura. Also the magicians and sorcerers are able to create the succubus and the Incubus with the help of imagination, of mental. Someone for his own comfort, someone to harm others. Anyway, we must always remember the karmic consequences of their actions. To get rid of demons is very difficult.
These entities can appear in dreams (both day and night), in the border state between sleep and awake, the astral sleep, astral, as a light NAP, and in the beginning of meditation. What if you were the victim of a succubus or Incubus and want to get rid of it?
Recommendations of the Church – confession, repentance, renunciation yoga, extrasensory perception, spirituality, etc., prayer. The rejection of debauchery (prostitution, extramarital relations and so on) and humility. In very severe cases, strict fasting, communion, and sometimes exorcism. Before bedtime – to read "our father" or the prayer to the virgin Mary. To read these prayers, if the demon is still there. To put by the bed the icon of the virgin. To fumigate a house with incense.
The recommendations of doctors and psychologists – regular sexual life with a reliable partner, working on their complexes in the intimate sphere. You might want to examine the body – whether there is sleep disorders, neurological disorder, narcolepsy.
The recommendations of the esoteric – an appeal to the healer, strengthening the protective shell of the aura, the prayers, the installation of "protection" from attack. Work on the development of will.
It is believed that succubi and Incubus don't come in this harmonious couple. Recommendation – work to create harmony in the family.
Anyway, what has long been considered a myth and a fiction, happening to people in our days. People are afraid to talk about it, afraid that they will not be believed or ridiculed. But also afraid of the situation, which turned out to be and I don't know how to stop it. Even those who already got rid of overnight guests, complain that they still feel fear that they'll be back. Strangers to each other people are telling about the same phenomenon with remarkably similar details. If you have been similar, share your opinion to help others.
And the popular scientific explanation for the phenomenon in the video below.