Use the most simple and affordable way to constantly be online in a social network "Vkontakte": enable your browser to auto-refresh pages. In some applications this can be done using the settings menu (Opera, Internet Explorer), and some browsers allow you to set the auto update just after the installation of special add-ons (Chrome).
Activate automatic updating of pages for the desired period of time. Note that even after the release of the profile in the social network "Vkontakte" the status of "online" remains active in 10-20 minutes, so choose a time depending on this. Go to your profile the social network "Vkontakte" using personal login and password. Secure the tab with the site in the browser so that it always remained open. Now through the established intervals of time the page will be reloaded automatically, keeping your status is "online". Please note that this also requires the presence of a constantly active Internet connection.
Try to use special scripts and software codes, which can change the behavior of the website by entering them into your browser, for example, to automatically refresh the page or open it in a new tab at a certain time. They can be found on various Internet sites and forums.
Make your presence in social network "Vkontakte" permanent, using a variety of programs for today's smartphones and tablets. You can find them in the service for downloading content embedded in your mobile system, for example, Play Market or Apple Store. Use to search for the keyword "VK" or "VK". Some applications have additional features that allow you to go to the website at certain intervals, so that the user is always online.