Tune in to a lucid dream. To do this, remember the feeling of self-awareness in the dream and hold it as long as possible. Before you go to bed think about what you dream and how you should behave.
Think of some trick or trick, which can perform only in a dream. For example, do flips or jump. This will help you to realize.
Imagine that you can all — of course, when you find yourself in a lucid dream. You are the magician, the magician that everything in the world obeys you, because the way it is, your dream is a whole universe, which cannot exist without you because you created it.
Bring a sense of dominance over the world into reality, it will help you to train your mind. You need to remember this feeling and be able to call him at any time.
Start to control their dreams small. Realizing itself in a dream, for a start, look around, look at the objects created by your subconscious. And then train yourself to control your body. You like to fly in a dream? Fly, this would be a good workout — and "body" and consciousness, because you can fly wherever I want.
Call any image according to your desire. For example, make you dream your friend. After single images go to their aggregates with an effort of consciousness appear in various familiar and not familiar. Once you perfectly master the control of images, you will easily be able to control all the activities in your dream.