You will need
  • Notebook, pen.
  • Skills of introspection, of self-organization.
Control dreams begins with periods of wakefulness. In a sense, it is the work of self-organization. Get a special notebook and take yourself into the habit to record dreams immediately upon awakening and throughout the day and evening before bed. Re-read old dreams. Regularly remembering dreams increases their realism and, consequently, the awareness in a dream. Try to write down all dreams, not just the brightest. Even in the temporary waking up in the night, write down one word or phrase the plot of a dream. A day remember and record a dream. This step also aimed at the development of "memory from a dream".
An improved method for recording dreams – the cartography of dreams. In the same notebook or on a separate large sheet write down the dreams, combining them on the "scene". Write down one dream, note the scene on the map. After a few days you will dream a dream, occurring in the same location you mark next to the first. Thus, in some dreams there is a story associated with the place of dreams that is already recorded. Over time, a map of the dream world, increasing its integrity.
Form a strong intention to realize a dream. The intention is a kind of programming situation. Daily before going to bed have to really want to understand themselves. Consider how successful the event you undertake, and what they can be used during sleep.
Help yourself to a conditioned response to familiar stimuli, which are common for wakefulness and for dreams. Technique is called creating an anchor. Using the dream diary, select any object that often occurs in dreams and in life. He will be the anchor. During wakefulness, when the anchor ask yourself "But am I asleep?" Answer the question carefully, pulling away from current events. After some time the same question out of habit you will ask in your sleep.
Remember those objects or actions in a dream that often cause awareness. They can be fear, pain, flight, etc. It is a natural anchor. Understanding that these anchors exist, increase the frequency of their symptoms during sleep.
Analyze your dreams. Throughout life, you get used to the absurdities and paradoxes in dreams and cease to respond to them. Upon self-examination, pay careful attention to the paradoxical nature, I think, why do they not pay attention in the dream. Thus, a habit, which is reflected in thinking while dreaming.