Advice 1: How to influence a person in the distance

Working methods of influencing a person at a distance are a mystery. This is understandable, because such exposure is one of the most effective methods of manipulation of consciousness. Despite the closeness of the topic, some information on such methods impact can still be found in the public domain.
How to influence a person in the distance
All methods of remote effects on humans can be divided into two categories: technical and mental. The first one is the radiation of psychotronic generators, but their impact can only cause certain emotions, nothing more. To order the person to perform some specific action this method is not yet possible.

It is therefore of greatest interest is the impact at a distance by using special mental techniques.

The use of ISS

One of the most interesting areas remote of human exposure associated with the use of ASCS ‒ altered States of consciousness. Specially trained operator took a seat on a comfortable couch in a soundproof room. Using the soft low light, promotes relaxation.

By relaxing and going into trance, the operator can remotely connect to the subconscious interest of his people. Because the connection occurs at the subconscious level, any resistance consciousness is not happening. As a result, the operator can find any interesting information or to give man the task to perform a certain action.

The main difficulty of this methodology is the training of operators with high abilities are very few. In fact, the number of specialists of such level calculated ones. In addition, you can inspire not every action. In particular, will not work, any suggestion, aimed at causing physical harm. That is impossible, for example, to force a person to commit suicide.

Therefore, this method is used to collect information and suggestions some quite simple actions. For example, you can force a person to make a trip to a particular country. To accept someone for a job, sign a contract etc. Can be initiated any actions not inconsistent with the person's worldview, his moral values.

Influence through dreams

One of the most difficult but effective methods is the influence of man through his dreams. The methodology impacts on the use of lucid dreaming.

The impact is as follows: it is necessary to enter a lucid dream, there are methods. The person will be affected, at this time also need to sleep. In the dream the dreamer finds the right person, which is also not simple – usually there are sprites, dreaming of illusory images. The dreamer need to find a real person – that is, its slim body.

The suggestion is this: it is necessary to approach to a certain person, grab it with the left hand over the neck behind, and the thumb of the right hand to put pressure in the center of the forehead and clearly utter the phrase himself. It should be noted that in this case it is impossible to initiate any destructive human actions. At the same time, good suggestion directed for the benefit of man himself. For example, this method can help him to quit Smoking, drinking, using drugs. You can make it okay to treat other people, etc. Will be performed any installation, does not represent for the individual a direct threat.

Of course, the use of lucid dreams to action at a distance available only to dreamers with a lot of experience, sometimes lasting for decades.

Advice 2 : How to inspire thoughts

Techniques of suggestion thoughts are used since ancient times. Legally, for the treatment of mental illness, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. they Illegally used by scammers. To know some ethical techniques of suggestion thoughts for innocuous purposes, such as to find mutual understanding in the family or with colleagues.
How to inspire thoughts
Talk to the person you want to inspire some thought. You need to find a topic that will be close and interesting interlocutor. Listen carefully to the person, speak gently but clearly. Pick the tone that will be possible to repeat the intonation of the interlocutor, otzerkalivat his posture and gestures.
Use the basic principles of persuasive speech, which is the main instrument of suggestion. Clearly and definitely say what people should do and what to believe. For example, you want to convince the son to clean up after themselves: "You have to clean your room". Use the installation, for example: "I believe that everyone can maintain cleanliness on their own." Give reasonable and logical arguments – statements that prove your innocence. For example: "If you can get out on their own, so is old enough and can go alone on a trip to another city." This argument, in particular, may be a motive – because the son would want to go on this trip.
Use the technique of magnetic gaze. There are several exercises, having mastered which, you will be able to inspire thoughts. For the first draw on a piece of paper with a black circle with a diameter of 1 cm, Place the sheet on the level of your eyes. Without blinking, will watch over the circle within 1 minute from a distance of 1 meter. Then move the piece to the left, 80 cm Return to starting position and look first at the place where there was a leaf, then, without turning his head, see the dot, without blinking, for 1 minute. Similarly repeat the exercise, moving the piece to the left. For the second exercise you will need a mirror. Look closely at his eyes, for 1 minute. With each workout increase the time.
Using the technique of magnetic look, you have to remember about the ethical aspects of their influence. At the moment of impact you are responsible for the psyche of the inspired man.
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