In order to prepare buckwheat as a side dish, you must respect the ratio one to two. Namely, on a glass or Cup of buckwheat should take two glasses or cups of water. It is best to cook cereals in a pot with thick walls and bottom. This will remove it from the stove for a few minutes before it is ready and give her some time to stand and walk.

There are several ways of cooking buckwheat. You can fill buckwheat with water and give her self to get ready, leaving about 10 hours in a warm place. You can also cook the groats and classic recipe, which takes about 10-15 minutes. The main criterion for determining the readiness of cereal – the amount of water in the pan as soon as the water boils away – buckwheat is ready.

If you want to prepare a milk buckwheat porridge, boiled first classic crumbly buckwheat. Then add the required amount of milk. In the case when cooked porridge with milk instead of water, it is necessary to take milk diluted with water to porridge is not burnt. And time cooking this cereal increases by about 15-20 minutes.

You can also cook the buckwheat for a couple. To do this, measure out the amount of cereals and water. Then thoroughly rinse the barley, put it in the steamer (special compartment designed for croup) and then fill it with water. After that, pour water into the base of the steamer, set a timer for about 25-40 minutes. After the specified time wonderful fragrant buckwheat porridge is ready.