You will need
    • pot with lid;
    • pan;
    • water;
    • salt;
    • buckwheat.
Measure out the amount of cereal. The ratio of buckwheat and water is 1:2. That is, in 1 Cup of grits should have 2 cups of water. Remember that after cooking the buckwheat increases in volume about 3 times.
If necessary, try buckwheat, removing it from pebbles and other debris. Then rinse rump several times and give good to drain. If you have a sieve, pour the buckwheat into it, and then rinse it directly under running water from the tap.
Put on the fire pan. Put the wet buckwheat into the pan and fry for about a quarter of an hour. Cereals should be dry and slightly browned. This is a necessary procedure if you want to get a crumbly mess.
Put on a very strong fire a saucepan with the required amount of water - twice more than the number of grains. Wait until boiling and add salt to taste.
Reduce heat to low, and then upload it in boiling water, washed and roasted cereals. Cover the pan and cook the porridge for about 15-20 minutes.
After a quarter of an hour open the lid and clear the mess in the pan to the bottom. The water at the bottom. If the liquid evaporates, not all, hold porridge on the fire for a bit.
Once the buckwheat is ready, turn off the heat and leave the pan aside. Ideally, it should wrap a warm towel or blanket and give "paritsya" another couple of hours. But if the family is already nervously knocking spoons, demanding lunch – porridge can be served on the table, do not forget to fill it with oil.