Buckwheat is different: and crushed, and brown (fried), and green. Prepare and porridge, and flour, and garnishes, and salads. It is recommended and nutritionists, and fitness trainers, and doctors of gastroenterology.


Complex carbohydrates

In buckwheat a few carbs, but they are complex. This means that they are long to digest, leaving a long sensation of satiety. This property of buckwheat makes it a great food during dieting to reduce weight.


In fact, buckwheat is composed of all the necessary human vitamins, micro and macro. But a separate place is occupied by potassium. It is necessary for people suffering from hypertension, this mineral is able to effectively bring blood pressure as the norm.

Activator dopamine

The hormone dopamine is responsible for physical activity and motivation, without which a happy human life is simply impossible. Buckwheat is able to activate the body's production of this hormone.

The Tums

To get rid of unexpected incident of heartburn, you can chew a few grains of buckwheat. Heartburn will take place almost immediately.

Buckwheat is used as a cholagogue

It is very important for people suffering from gall bladder disease. Also in diseases of the liver you need to follow the right biliary outflow.

Preventive measure against the occurrence of diseases of the endocrine system.

Improves the blood. It has a high protein content. Buckwheat can be eaten as a separate dish, and receiving both complex carbohydrates and proteins.

To get the maximum benefit from the use of buckwheat, it is desirable to have green buckwheat. This buckwheat is not processed and roasted. Thus, green buckwheat is stored the shell of the grains that contains high amounts of fiber. She also has a shielding effect, which is very useful for the stomach.

There is one feature in the proper cooking of buckwheat. To preserve all vitamins and necessary elements, it is not necessary to boil buckwheat. Just put it in boiling water for a few minutes, then drain, pour a little olive oil and place in a warm place for several hours. Tasty and use great!