You will need
    • buckwheat-1.5 glass;
    • egg-1 piece;
    • semolina-3l;
    • water;
    • butter;
    • salt to taste.
Before cooking buckwheat slipped loop cereal and boil the kettle. Pour groats into a pot in which you are going to cook. Use a metal (not enameled) saucepan or cauldron with a convex thick bottom, such design will prevent the boiling liquid from the bottom, and create a uniform heating and swelling of the whole cereal.
Then take the egg, wash it well under running water, and whisk into the pan of grits. Mix everything carefully and add a few spoonfuls of semolina. Mix everything again and begin to rinse it with boiling water, throwing chaff in a colander. And so rinse several times depending on how contaminated cereal (about 4-5times).
The last time the rump rinse in a saucepan, three quarters of the water drain, but leave a quarter in the pot. Thus, washing with boiling water cereals, chaff swells.
Next, put your to cook porridge with the lid closed on slow fire, so she came. Now add salt and place in the oven. After five minutes the green ready! Lay porridge on plates and in each serving place a slice of butter. Bon appetit!