You will need
  • - Internet;
  • phone;
  • - the document on the assist.
Make a clear document that will specify all items of expenditure. To get money without a purpose will be extremely difficult. Try to keep the reasons were actually significant, for example, repair leaky roofs or the purchase of sports equipment.
Create social image of the school. Participate in contests and competitions, take a well filled website of the school, release the paper. Promote the most talented students. Sponsors will be much more willing to allocate funds for the support of young talents and development of the schoolthan the household needs of the school.
Ask for help for a specific event. In this case, the potential sponsor may combine the assistance with advertising your company. For events such as school sports days, find a sponsor, engaged in sporting goods. Place the banners on the walls or stands, or hand out leaflets to all the participants and guests.
Contact parents at the meeting. Prepare a little speech with convincing arguments, which should convince parents that sponsorship is needed. This does not necessarily to expect that a patron will find directly at the meeting. It is possible that some of them will turn to the leadership of the company, which employs
Call the commercial companies of the city. Try to talk to their leaders and ask for help. Oral dialogue can be accompanied by a reference to the email address of the corresponding letter. Be prepared for the fact that in most cases you don't want to talk either immediately refuse. However, there are many businesses that need some social activity to realize personal goals. That is why the sponsorship of the school will be beneficial and the firm itself.