Before searching for sponsors, calculate how much money you need for the project. In that case, if you assume a small budget, then you will be enough to cooperate with one potential stream of funding. If your project is ambitious in its idea, make sure to create a proposal that will be of interest to multiple sponsors.
In fact, and in another case you need to get people interested that can help you in implementing your ideas. In order to do this, at least when presenting your project to match the image that you create. Try to offer different sponsors have different ideas of the incarnation of your project, it certainly got their attention.
The presentation of your project, you need to invite an audience, which by its parameters 90-95% overlap with the audience interested in the products of the sponsor. In particular, if you hold the event, which will be devoted to expensive and elite varieties of cheese, it will certainly cause the interest of their manufacturers. Most importantly – the audience you want as customers, must intersect with the audience, which expects a sponsor.
On the Internet there are a huge number of sponsorship packages that you can use as a reference when working on your project. Pay special attention to the formulation of its objectives, clarity and structure of presentation of the nature of the project and the point at which you will need to explicitly write out the benefits that can be paid to the sponsor in the case of a successful outcome.
After completion of the project plan search information about sponsors. For starters it would be good to get contacts of people who do the company a potential sponsor. This is probably the main problem you need to solve by inventing a cunning move, allowing you to avoid contact with the secretaries and other employees of the company, not representing value for you.