The technique works for us: dishwasher and steamer

If there is a dishwasher, and grill disassembled into parts – the fight against fat bloom does not require the hostess a lot of effort. Just one cycle in an intensive mode, the grill has gained pristine purity. If the fat deposits have been accumulating for several months – the dishwasher, most likely, will not be able to cope with them immediately. In this case, after the first cycle, without waiting for drying, you can remove the grids from the dishwasher and handle them manually: a brightened and softened fat layers easily removed with a knife or stiff brush. You can do without "manual work", but then for a full cleanup of the grates will need one or two wash cycle.

To help clean impurities from the lattice gas stoves and appliances can steam. The steam has a temperature of about 140°C, and that is enough to remove carbon and greasy cast iron surface. To clean the grids typically used a small, round head with stiff bristles, however, is not always possible to reach inaccessible places, so the parts can stay the dirt. But the clean plate in this case occurs without the use of any household chemicals.

Cleaning of gratings and soaking

To save their own strength, contamination before cleaning is better how to "soak" in the detergent solution. This can be done in an enamel tub or a large basin. Dissolve in very hot water, for the fat (you can use the tools for cleaning cookers and ovens, paints for kitchen surfaces, liquid for dishwashing or any other alkaline agent). You can use regular soda. Dip the grid into the solution for several hours.

The alkali dissolves the fat deposits and razmyagchayuschiesya will be much better to come clean from the iron. Before washing again applied to the grid cleaning tool (already neat) and leave for 10-15 minutes for effect.

To clean the grates better not to use sponges (they are very quickly erased on cast iron) and a stiff brush or a metal sponge. Corners and hard to reach areas can be treated with the help of an old toothbrush.

Cleaning without soaking

If the lattice is integral and cannot be submerged in water – will have to do without soaking. In this case, you will have to use more aggressive cleaning products. As a rule, for clean-up of contaminated grids are used special sprays for cleaning ovens and tools marked "Nannies".

Soak the grill with water, treated with a vehicle, leave for 10-15 minutes, then carefully apply with a brush. For tough dirt, this procedure must be repeated several times.

Please note

If you clean the grill without removing it from the oven – cover the surface with foil, then dirt and the detergent will not get into the nozzle.

Even if you use to clean the grates with a mild detergent – wear rubber gloves. Cleaning grids is a dirty business, in addition, the risk of scratching the hands or broken nails is quite high.

Before cleaning, you can bake the most polluted places on fire, to burn body fat.