You will need
  • - wrenches;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - technological stops.
In order to remove the top panel of the gas stove, remove the grill table, remove the lid, remove the burner.
Take the technological stops and insert them into the gap between the side wall and the top panel. Depress the clips retaining the panel.
Lift the upper part of the panel and pull the parts yourself in order to release the rear clips.
In order to disassemble the control panel, install valves in the closed position, remove top plate, remove the control knobs. Unscrew the bottom three screws, then rotate and pull the panel towards yourself. Lift the panel to remove the mount with stops. Disconnect button ignition and lighting by pressing a spring the petals of the plastic to the cylinder housing and remove the cover.
In order to remove the cover plate, open cover and remove the spring, which slows the fall of the lid. Unscrew one mounting screw from each side cover. Detach the cover.
To remove the oven door, flip it in the horizontal position. Enter two technological emphasis into the slots located left and right in the front door. Carefully cover the door until it stops. Grasp the door on the right and left side, pull and loosen the lower pivot pins. Then slightly lower the door to release the top of the axle and remove the door.
In order to remove the lower door plate, remove the screws on both sides of the door. Print the tab out of engagement. Remove the door.
In order to disassemble the side wall, Unscrew the two screws and the four mounting sides. Unscrew the eight screws securing the back wall. Remove the side wall.