There are few Housewives who love to clean the gas stove from burnt food to her. To get rid of contaminants, use a variety of cleaning products. They must choose depending on what material the surface is made.

For the purification of a gas stove with the aluminum surface it is better to use the funds on the package which indicated that they intended for this material. Steel wool must not be used – they will scratch the surface.

How to clean gas stove pollution

Before cleaning the gas stove with the aluminum surface it is better to remove the knobs and burners. They need to put in the time in hot water with degreasing agents, so that the dirt is easier to remove. The plate is also better to soak in hot water and leave for 15-20 minutes to let the fat drops that fall on the surface during cooking, a bit soaked.

If the contamination is not very strong, after namely they can be clean simply sponge with warm soapy water. For this you can use the tool for washing dishes. Burners and handles a good clean with an old toothbrush. Particularly difficult to access spots can be treated soaked in ammonia solution cotton swab. Instead of alcohol suitable ammonia-anise drops. If the stove knobs or the burners are not removable, will have to act this way.

How to act when heavily soiled

If your hot water has failed to deal with body fat, will have to seek the assistance of detergents. For plates with aluminum coating sold many special detergents that can quite effectively deal with burnt patches of stuck fat. They do not leave streaks and scratch the plate. Such, for example, creams for cleaning of surfaces from the series "pemolyuks", "Cinderella", "Xylitol Bang" and others.

Selecting means for cleaning aluminum surfaces in the store, you will only need to follow the directions on the package. In any case can not be used for cleaning such plates, the compounds with the addition of abrasives – their use will lead to the formation on the surface many scratches.

In addition to store-bought special cleansers can help an ordinary dining room soda. Mixing soda with water to form a slurry, it is necessary to put on especially problematic areas. After a while with a wet sponge, begin to remove the pulp, while scrubbing the dirt. After removed all the soda, the surface should again be wiped with a sponge.