Advice 1: How to clean a gas stove with aluminium hob

Cleaning gas stove pleasant procedure is difficult to call. In commercials offers a variety of miracle cures, which helps the stove to radiant purity in seconds. But all is not so rosy – in order to clean the stove from grease and dirt, sometimes you have to make considerable efforts.
How to clean a gas stove with aluminium hob
There are few Housewives who love to clean the gas stove from burnt food to her. To get rid of contaminants, use a variety of cleaning products. They must choose depending on what material the surface is made.

For the purification of a gas stove with the aluminum surface it is better to use the funds on the package which indicated that they intended for this material. Steel wool must not be used – they will scratch the surface.

How to clean gas stove pollution

Before cleaning the gas stove with the aluminum surface it is better to remove the knobs and burners. They need to put in the time in hot water with degreasing agents, so that the dirt is easier to remove. The plate is also better to soak in hot water and leave for 15-20 minutes to let the fat drops that fall on the surface during cooking, a bit soaked.

If the contamination is not very strong, after namely they can be clean simply sponge with warm soapy water. For this you can use the tool for washing dishes. Burners and handles a good clean with an old toothbrush. Particularly difficult to access spots can be treated soaked in ammonia solution cotton swab. Instead of alcohol suitable ammonia-anise drops. If the stove knobs or the burners are not removable, will have to act this way.

How to act when heavily soiled

If your hot water has failed to deal with body fat, will have to seek the assistance of detergents. For plates with aluminum coating sold many special detergents that can quite effectively deal with burnt patches of stuck fat. They do not leave streaks and scratch the plate. Such, for example, creams for cleaning of surfaces from the series "pemolyuks", "Cinderella", "Xylitol Bang" and others.

Selecting means for cleaning aluminum surfaces in the store, you will only need to follow the directions on the package. In any case can not be used for cleaning such plates, the compounds with the addition of abrasives – their use will lead to the formation on the surface many scratches.

In addition to store-bought special cleansers can help an ordinary dining room soda. Mixing soda with water to form a slurry, it is necessary to put on especially problematic areas. After a while with a wet sponge, begin to remove the pulp, while scrubbing the dirt. After removed all the soda, the surface should again be wiped with a sponge.

Advice 2: How to clean the rollers

So your skates will last you a long time, not just one season, for them to properly care for. Regular care and cleaning the rollers will help increase their lifespan. But not everyone knows how to properly clean the rollers, and therefore, many make mistakes that result in roller skates deteriorating rapidly.
How to clean the rollers
You will need
  • - rollers;
  • - small capacity;
  • a syringe;
  • lubricant;
  • - gasoline
  • dry cloth.
Roller skating wipe with a cloth every time after you've finished the ride. Bearings – the most capricious and require special care detail of the rollers. Do not allow them gets wet. Wipe the bearings with a dry cloth or tissue. To remove dust and sand from hard-to-reach places, slightly loosen wheel rollers or clean them with a vacuum cleaner.
If water gets into the bearings, inject in them a special vaudevillian. This solution can be purchased at many stores.
If the bearings are clogged with dirt, carefully clean them with gasoline. To do this, remove from the wheels of roller skates bearings, remove the old grease and disassemble the bearings. If they are not collapsible, remove the boot and grease. Rinse the bearings - it will put them into a jar of gasoline and mess with a wooden stick on the bottom, about five minutes. The wand must be made of wood. Note: wash one bearing and not all at once. After each bearing is thoroughly cleaned and dried, brush again with new grease and insert inside the wheel. Be careful: the bearing must be inserted inside the open side.
Do not forget to regularly lubricate the bearings with special grease or regular engine oil. To make them easier to grease, inject grease into the bearing using a syringe. Frequency of lubrication depends on the quality of lubricants and, of course, how often you ride.
After each ride clean the boots of the roller skates. To do this, use a regular Shoe brush or a cloth. But in any case do not apply to them Shoe cream.
Useful advice
To get your roller skates will serve you for as long as possible, check the condition of the wheels. As soon as you see that they are starting to wear off, swap them.

Advice 3: How to clean oven from burnt dirt

One of women's concerns in the house clean. In a clean and tidy house to breathe is not an example easier, and for health less to fear. Cleaning often start with the kitchen.
How to clean oven from burnt dirt
The kitchen is the dirtiest place and cooking stove. Here and fat, and food particles, and messy divorces. If removed, they should try not to damage the coating, and the extra effort to make it not want to.

How to make a cooktop cleaner

Ideally, if a cooker is in order after each cooking. The procedure is very simple and takes only a few minutes. But not always this rule fails to follow even the most exemplary hostess not a robot, and everywhere is not always.

The stove requires some attentive care. Some of the tools she categorically contraindicated. For enamelled surfaces is prohibited to use the abrasive remedies. If the package containing the cleaning agent is written "abrasive", it is better to postpone. You should not bring a stove to such a state, when nothing but abrasive, help.

Do not use wire brushes and hard sponges. Their action can greatly shorten the life of your enamel and other types of coatings, including stainless steel.

How to clean the stove

If the plate is too intensive pollution, should refer to centuries-old rules. The mud soak – preferably with some detergent. Commercials without exception, promise almost immediate effect of the substance, but more effective than simple soaking is not invented anything yet.

On the gas stove has a special grate of the metal during the cleaning plate, it is recommended to remove and submerge in a bowl of soapy water. Then it is easy to wash off.

While mud deposits soak, you can begin to launder small items – buttons, the regulatory arm. Those parts that are removed can simply be placed in a container with detergent solution, and when they soak, contaminants are removed well with a sponge or toothbrush.

To choose a good cleaning agent composition, it is best to ask for help in the store. The shopper will be able to recommend the right plate for your liquid or pasty means that does not contain abrasive substances.

It makes sense to use old methods of purifying the surface of the plate – they are efficient, reliable and time-tested. You will need the usual soap and baking soda. The result is usually impressive.

For example, to clean the oven, you can use the following method. To prepare a solution of five liters of water, three tablespoons of salt and soda, all this is put in the oven in a fireproof container. Liquid bring to boil and boil for about half an hour. Then the oven off and allow to cool. Now softened dirt is easy to remove soaked in soapy water with a sponge.

Advice 4: What kind of gas stove best buy

What a gas stove is better to buy - the question being asked of the hostess. The answer to this question is not so simple, because in order to make a selection, you need to know what characteristics they possess.
What kind of gas stove best buy
Nowadays, stores Botovo equipment offers a wide selection of gas stoves with various functions. When choosing, consider the following characteristics.


This feature is necessary in order for it to perfectly fit into the interior of the kitchen. Overall dimensions of the plates are different, depending on the model and manufacturer. Standard dimensions are: height – 86 cm, width – 50cm., the distance between the plates – 26 cm


They are an important element of the gas stove. The main role in the play burner nozzles, feed on the surface of the plate of the air-gas mixture. The nozzles may differ in diameter of the holes and size.

The burners may vary in shape: oval and round. Most often, meeting a gas stove with round burners.

Recently, gas stoves are equipped with one big burner for faster cooking.

Brass locker

It is an important subject of gas stoves. Thanks to him, you can bake the pies, bake the chicken and prepare a delicious casserole.

There are three types of ovens – gas, electric, and gas grill. Uniform heating occurs in electric oven and gas Cabinet grill.

Control type

There are two types of gas stoves: electronic and mechanical. Select the type of control depends on your preferences. The first type has a relatively high price and the complexity of control, which consists in certain combinations of pressing the touch buttons.

Electronic ignition

The lighter is a device which enables the ignition of the gas stove electric spark. Today, almost all modern boards have a built-in electric ignition. It is of two types: automatic and manual.

The working surface

Working surface – the top part of a stove, which has burners. They differ from each other not only in size but also the materials. They are: enamel, ceramic, steel.

The most common is the enameled surface. The most important advantages: relatively low cost, high quality, great choice of colors, durability. But, it is very difficult to maintain in pure form, as it appears from scratches and dirt.
In the first, mainly found steklokeramicheskaja work surface. It is made of durable material, so will serve for quite a long time. The main disadvantage is the high price.

Countertops gas stoves stainless steel can be matte or polished. They are quite durable, easily laundered, and have an expensive look.


Cooktops can be gas and combined. For gas cooktops you must have a supply of the main gas. Combined devices are working both on gas and on electricity. They are much more expensive and harder to repair.

When buying gas stoves, it is important to pay attention to the presence of all the required components and the presence of guarantees.
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