If the clothes have stains from soot and grime, they should be removed when washing. But first moisten the stain with turpentine, then wash the thing in soapy water and rinse thoroughly. If the stain is very old, in the turpentine, add the egg yolk and mix until the thick sour cream.
The mixture is then very gently heat, better to do it on a steam bath, and wipe the stain with this mixture. Then wash the thing with soap and rinse in clean water several times. If the stain is fresh, it will help the bread crumb. RUB the contaminated area with bread, then wash it in warm water.
If you are doing the cleaning of the room, where a lot of grime and soot, wear rubber gloves, old clothes, a hat, if necessary, and dust mask, safety glasses. Start with a dry cleaning using a vacuum cleaner or a broom. Remove soot according to the following scheme: top down, short movements.
After cleaning dry make wet. You can prepare a cleaning remedy of two tablespoons of baking soda and 2 cups of hot water. Smoky places rinse with this mixture using a sponge. If there is soot on the ceramic tile, it will help the detergent to remove grease, they are in the shops of household chemicals.
Soot from Wallpaper, you can try to clean using washing powder for the white linen that contains bleach. With plastic surface stains from soot and grime well kept, "Domestos". Will help in the fight against soot 2% solution of hydrochloric acid and chlorine.
The stain of soot contains fat. Therefore, pre-spot can be treated with petrol or white spirit, then wash with soap and water. But if you want to get rid of the smell of fire and soot, then come to the aid of coffee. Scatter it in several places, it will absorb the odor and breathing becomes easier.