You will need
  • - ammonia;
  • - hood;
  • - aloe, Kalanchoe or Azalea.
Suppose the fumes of formaldehyde or its aqueous solution (formalin) contaminated clothes, dishes, any household items small and medium sizes. To neutralize the formaldehyde in this case, treating these things in a fixed or mobile disinfection units. Disinfecting agent is ammonia (aqueous ammonia solution) at a concentration of from 10% to 25% and sprayed through nozzles at high temperature.
If this is not possible, remove contaminated formaldehyde things on fresh air. The longer the winding, the better.
Most inexpensive furniture, including kitchen sets, made of wood-particle boards (DSP), composed of phenol-formaldehyde resin. Over time, especially under direct sunlight or high temperatures, these resins partially decompose releasing formaldehyde. Easy to understand, which is especially actively this process occurs in the kitchen during cooking. How can you get rid of the formaldehyde in this case? Be sure to equip your kitchen with the extractor fan and turn it on whenever I use a gas or electric stove. The more plates used, the more power needs to be switched extractor fan.
As often as possible ventilate the dwelling, particularly the kitchen. Moreover, if your house has modern Windows that impede the air exchange with the environment.
Some plants can effectively absorb harmful substances, including formaldehyde. Possible place the container with them in the kitchen or in the living room. Among such plants, such as Azalea, aloe, Kalanchoe, some types of ferns.
Very well cleans the air of impurities formaldehyde weeping ficus (ficus Benjamin). But if among the tenants there are people suffering from different forms of Allergy, it is necessary to remember that this plant can provoke the escalation of the disease.