You will need
  • - acetone or any other remover for degreasing the surface;
  • - heat-resistant enamel;
  • - masking tape.
Thoroughly clean and degrease with acetone, or any other means the surface of the plate with a scratch or chip that needs repair. Remove the excess of fat, salt, oil, rust and other impurities. Before painting the stove must be dry, clean and always cold.
Glue the scratch with masking tape, leaving a small margin of undamaged surface.
Apply enamel to the surface in a thin layer and allow to dry. Well, if the enamel will be sold in an aerosol spray. This will provide a more uniform coating. Before using enamel spray pre-shake to avoid residue that might be on the bottom. If there are none, you can use enamelYu with a special brush or roller. The advantage is its longer shelf life, in contrast to the aerosol enamels.
Wait until the enamel is dry and, if necessary, reapply another layer. To restored section of the plate did not stand out noticeable stain, apply the enamel in a thin layer 2-3 times. Then the restored site will be less noticeable.