You will need
  • special scraper for steklokeramika or razor;
  • - paper towel or soft cloth;
  • - a weak solution of vinegar;
  • - means for washing of glasses;
  • - drinking soda;
  • - special products for cleaning glass ceramics.
General cleaning recommendations ceramic glass panels as follows: remove from cooking surface and food remains, allow to cool. Apply a wash. RUB it with a paper towel or soft cloth. Gently wipe with a wet towel. Wipe dry. Despite the simplicity of manipulations, you should consider some nuances.
Avoid sugar-containing mixtures. At the same time on the cooking surface microcracks. If such a mixture, such as jam, still hit the plate, wipe it off immediately while the surface is still hot. In a row sugar is melted plastic and aluminium foil – the enemies of ceramics. It is necessary to remove them from the hot surface. If the plate has cooled, heat it again.
Do not use for cleaning metal objects. Get for this purpose a special scraper. Instead, you can use a conventional razor. Do not use abrasives.
Do not use for cleaning the plates sponge for washing dishes. It can remain the detergent or fat. When burned, they discolor the glass ceramic.
Water spots change color spots, spray oil remove cleaner steel products or glass ceramics. Apply them only completely cooled surface. Limescale remove a weak solution of vinegar.
Do not use stain removers and sprays for ovens. But the means for washing of glasses can be used. Good to clean any contamination and does not corrode the surface of drinking soda.
There are some special tools that user reviews give good results. "Shamanic" - cleans well, sold almost everywhere. "Amway" - after daily use for weeks even lost old circles around the burners. The "TOP HOUSE" - well otiset, you can buy in shops on sale of equipment.