You will need
  • - blue
  • - water
  • - capacity (or bath) for dilution solution
Buy the blueprint in the shop of household chemicals, when you select a note on the composition. The dyes in the composition can be soluble (Indigo-Carmine, aniline blue dyes soluble Paris blue, Berlin blue) and insoluble (ultramarine, Paris blue insoluble). More expensive are aniline dyes (methylene, methyl and wool blue), cheaper and more frequently used is ultramarine. Soluble dyes provide the most uniform staining, insoluble - on the contrary.
Read the instructions and act according to it. Please note that some types of blueprints used in the washing process, others during the last rinse.
Take 0.3 g of Indigo to 1 kg of a dry linen mix blue dye in cold water, then pour in warm (amount of water depends on how rich you want the color). If necessary, boil the solution until it becomes transparent and there will be clots, strain through cheesecloth, dilute with water to the desired colour intensity. Or just put the blue dye in warm water in the bag of several layers of gauze.
Every thing straightened immerse and soak in a warm solution of the allotted time. Better put the things in the blueprint are not together, but one by one. Pay attention to the instructions on the package - there should be specified the soaking time.
Also you can use blue dye to refresh faded color or faded jeans, clothing made of natural fabrics blue shades, giving this shade the white stuff. Not to spoil thing, try to put the methylene blue in the tissue sample, and even better practice first on old unwanted things. Experiment with the concentration of the blueprints to provide the desired brightness of the color.