In most cases, baptize people in his childhood. Often childhood is early enough. So the responsibility for choosing godparents lies entirely with the parents of the child. And it is very important to choose godparents correctly.

Kakak requirements must meet the godparents

In the first place, it is desirable that the godfather was an Orthodox Christian. The Orthodox Church does not accept as a spiritual parent of a Muslim, Catholic or atheist. After all, the main purpose of the cross of the parent - child assistance in the upbringing of the Orthodox faith. In this regard, it is desirable that the godfather would be a man votserkvlennym. This means that he will be able to take on the responsibility for regular driving godson to Church and following the required rituals and services.
Of course, you can select and that person thought, which is irrelevant to the Church, but in this case it is worth remembering that no matter how good he may be human, in fact the definition of godfather match can not.

Choosing a godfather for your child, remember that the choices you make once and for all: to change the cross impossible. If after some time he will change not for the better, the family with godson will just have to pray that he'd had the enlightenment.

There are often questions about whether to appoint godparents closest relatives, pregnant women, etc. And often the inhabitants no answer to these questions. The Church gives a fairly clear explanation on the subject of who can be godparents of the child. So, contrary to popular myth, you can freely choose godparents in a pregnant woman. Both for boys and for girls.

The restriction applies only to the father or mother of the child, which can not be godparents of their own baby. Also not allowed to become a spiritual parent, one child couple (if a couple only plans to get married, she also falls under the ban). Other relatives, including brothers and sisters of the child's parents, and their parents, may take on the responsibilities of godparents. Also, do not choose godparents priests or monks, young children. In addition, foster parents can not be godparents of their children and stepchildren.
By the way, the godfather and the mothers, a ban on the participation of ladies in the sacrament of Baptism during the period of monthly impurity.

That should give the godparents the child in the performance of the sacrament of Baptism

Usually say that godparents must purchase for the rite of Baptism a cross. Of course, if the person chose so honorable position, does not want to make a mistake, it is better to consult with parents.

Also often become godparents to their godchild a silver spoon as a gift. This is particularly relevant gift if the baby baptized at the age when he climbs the first tooth.

Godfather needs to make contact with his godson. He became not only the spiritual mentor of the baptized, but also a kind of understudy of the biological parents. After all, one of the duties of the cross is the upbringing of the child if the birth parents are deceased or unable because of other circumstances to fulfill their parental responsibilities.