The easiest option is to go to the store. If the amount of the accumulated fines will not exceed 300-500 rubles, you can not refuse in any store. And in big malls, you can turn in bills and large amounts. Such outlets always need coins for exchange. In a pinch you can work around a few shops, exchanging each with 500-600 rubles. But this is true only for large amounts.
The second option is to go to the nearest Sberbank branch or any other major Bank. The advantage of this method is 100% guarantees of acceptance even damaged coins. To accept such a trifle as well, and torn banknotes is the responsibility of banks. But undamaged coins they make are not required and may be denied. Do not despair. Just offer to pay the amount of fines to your card or account. In this the Bank staff will not be able to refuse. And the bills will get in a few minutes at the ATM.
On the Internet you will find a lot of firms which are ready to change your change into bills. Only pay attention to their rates. They are usually no more than 1% of the amount, but not superfluous to clarify this point. Even in the same savings Bank may be exposed to conditions. Sometimes asked to sort the change at face value, sometimes for the exchange offer to pay. But remember that you always have an absolutely free option to do this in an ordinary Bank, putting money on the card or account.