Advice 1: How to replace a torn bill

Torn bills are often not accepted in big stores, also them you can not pay for any services through the terminal or ATM.Therefore, if you have in your wallet appeared torn bill, try to get rid of it as soon as possible.
How to replace a torn bill
The easiest way to exchange the torn bills (if the damage is not too strong) to pay it in the bus or in a taxi. The drivers at the end of the day pass revenue to the General Fund, so to accept payment in virtually any currency. With the exception of banknotes of which are missing any parts, so if the bill is torn into several pieces, please glue them together with tape.
To pay off a torn bill, you can market or grocery tents. Typically, the sellers are retail outlets that do not have cash registers, without objection to accept corrupt money.
If the damage bill is so great that does not allow her to exchange the above methods, (e.g., banknotes torn off a big piece or is it broken into several parts), you can pass a bill in one of the branches of Sberbank of Russia.
To convert you need to contact the Bank with all the torn banknote and identity document (passport). The bill will be adopted by the Bank employee even if it is glued together from two halves of different bills having a single denomination.
Sberbank of Russia shall accept for exchange only the notes, which had an identification number. If the bill gets a piece that was done this number, the banknote is recognized as not subject to exchange.
Also, the savings Bank does not accept exchange bills whose area is less than fifty-five percent of the original.
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In addition to the torn banknotes in the branch of Sberbank of Russia you can exchange bills washed (in the washing process faded printed image), and also banknotes with burnt edges and those bills, whose surface soiled with paint, mud or ink.

Advice 2 : How to change a torn bill

Remember, you have probably encountered a situation when the purse was found torn bill. And if earlier it could only be changed in branches of the savings Bank and only after appropriate examination, now it is required to do all credit institutions, i.e. commercial and state banks.
How to change a torn bill
But we should not delude ourselves. In some cases, immediate exchange torn banknotes you can refuse, for example, if it is very worn out or at the cashier there are doubts in its authenticity. In such a situation, torn bill will accept for examination and only after it make a decision about the possibility of sharing.
Remember that the Bank you have to change the bill or accept it for examination, if she has kept not less than 55 % of its area, i.e. you can bring to the exchange is not a bill, but only part of it. If you glued a bill of several fragments belonging to one bill, it too will be exchanged. But again should comply with the conditions – one of the fragments must be at least 55 % of the bills.
You can convert any credit institution two of the bills belonging to different banknotes of one naminal if each of them has at least 50% of the original area and different from the other graphic. In other words, you will exchange a bill consisting of two halves of different bills.
In addition, you are required to exchange not only torn banknotes, but also changed the color and glow in ultraviolet light, but only if it's not bills, filled colorants to prevent theft. And exchange at the offices of credit institutions shall be defective banknotes. These include paper money, according to the longer or shorter size installed samples, as well as having pinholes and other manufacturing defects.
To exchange the torn bills, contact any Bank working with individuals. Replace damaged banknotes you will be given a new equal value. While you can convert an unlimited number of bills of any denomination. The Commission by the Bank for this service will be charged. If a commercial Bank refuses to exchange, you can safely go with a complaint to the territorial office of the Central Bank.

Advice 3 : How to change the ragged money

Money with varying degrees and types of damage can be exchanged in any Bank of Russia. Russian rubles are absolutely free to you will change in any banking window. And for the exchange of dollar bills will have to pay.
How to change the ragged money
Damaged banknote must maintain at least 55% of the original area. This provision applies not only to the ragged money, but and washed, annealed, etc. the Authenticity of banknotes is determined using special equipment that is in each Bank. If you accidentally broke bill, glue and exchanged for a new one. It doesn't matter how many parts it will have. Perhaps even two different bills of the same monetary value, but a prerequisite: one or several fragments must belong to the same banknote and occupy not less than 55% of its original area.
In some cases, will require detailed examination. Then instead of sharing the spoiled bill sent to the regional branch of the Central Bank of Russia. If this or any commercial Bank you have an account, if successful, the result of the examination of the money will go to him. You will need to write a statement indicating your passport details, contact telephone number and denomination of banknotes damaged. As a rule, the examination takes no more than a week and is free. The discovery of counterfeit money is punishable by law.
As for dollars, their exchange is part of the banking business. Depending on Bank policies, you can refuse to exchange any foreign currency or require for this process the Commission ranging from 3% to 10% of the nominal value of banknotes. To change or not to change – decide the banks themselves, as each of them relies on the position of the Bank of Russia No. 199-P "About the order of conducting cash operations in credit organisations on the territory of the Russian Federation". According to this document, the rules of exchange of banknotes of foreign States are developed by the banks themselves. The fees related to the rules of accepting tainted money emission banks (examination abroad, etc.)
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