Causes of low pressure can be several. Hypotonia often affects people who are in a stressful situation. Also would be long-term emotional or mental stress.

  • A sedentary lifestyle also helps to reduce the pressure. Low physical activity often leads to decreased muscle mass, and this, in turn, affects the cardiovascular system.
  • If a person is working in heavy and harmful conditions, it can cause a drop in pressure. The state of an organism is influenced by such factors as the lack of air, high humidity, high temperature.
  • Promote the appearance of hypotension can diseases of the respiratory organs, thyroid, Central nervous system.
  • Suffer low blood pressure and athletes. Hypotension acts as a protective reaction to increased stress. The body goes into "power saving mode".
  • Health on the background of low pressure often deteriorate from weather-sensitive people. It happens when the weather changes and during magnetic storms.


  • Common symptoms of hypotonia if it's a migraine, the pain is of a continuing nature in a specific area of the head is also throbbing pain in his temples. In addition to pain might be feeling of nausea and vomiting.
  • Symptom of hypotension is a weakness as well as fatigue and lowered efficiency. Symptoms such usually, at the end of the day.
  • At low pressure slows down blood flow. Therefore, the vital activity of the whole organism is lowered. May experience lethargic, depressed. Symptoms also include memory impairment and distraction. People suffering from hypotension, prone to mood swings and prone to irritability.
  • Yawning also might indicate hypotension. A person with low pressure not enough air.


  • When the state of reduced pressure can help shower. It should not be contrasting.
  • Often hypotensive uses a means of increasing the pressure of coffee or green tea. Due to the fact that these drinks contain caffeine, it helps.
  • Medications that raise blood pressure, Pantocrinum, Advil. Also help of tincture of ginseng and Eleutherococcus.
  • If hypotension is necessary to put a person so that his legs were raised. Use a cold compress, apply it to your forehead. Massaging the neck in region of carotids.

Usually the above ways is enough to enough to increase the pressure. If improvement does not occur, then contact the hospital. It is important to exclude the possibility of presence of serious diseases, which can carry its symptoms hypotension.