The concept of "blood pressure" usually describe all the types of pressure that are characteristic of the human body, and it is and venous, intracardiac, and capillary.


Actually characterizes the blood pressure level of blood on the walls of the arteries and conditional flow velocity. The pressure is determined by calculating the rate of passage of blood per unit time, it is obvious that each person has its own physiological characteristics, and therefore pressure, comfortable for one may be disastrous for another. It is assumed that there are limit values of blood pressure, which is fatal to humans.
To determine the level of pressure using a tonometer device.

The blood behaves in the body exactly the same way as any liquid in nature, obeys the laws of physics. Thus, the closer will be the vessel to the heart, and the wider the diameter, the higher will be the rate of blood pressure.

The rate of pressure

The norm of the reduced pressure provided by digital indicators 90/60, and for high pressure the characteristic indicators of 140/90. The first digit characterizes the "upper" pressure, i.e. systolic characteristic of the heart at the moment of its maximum compression. The second number is lower, diastolic, pressure, it is called vascular, the pressure at the time of cardiac muscle relaxation.

Dangerous pressure

High blood pressure is dangerous not just for human health but also for his life. High blood pressure is a common disease called hypertension. Symptoms of this disease are:
- severe headaches,
- changes of cerebral blood circulation
- ringing in the ears,
- weakness,
- nausea,
- dizziness,
- numbness of the limbs.

The excess of the "working" pressure 20 points is considered dangerous, for 35 and over – critical.
Launched hypertension can cause a man a serious blow in the form of a heart attack or stroke, which is characterized by hemorrhages, lesions of the Central nervous system, paralysis.

It is worth noting that low blood pressure symptoms of headaches are also present. But low pressure features General weakness, malaise, decreased performance, feeling of cold on the skin, reaction to any weather conditions (people with low blood pressure very sensitive to the weather). Low blood pressure is less dangerous because not actually affects blood vessels and faster returns to normal, thanks to medication and natural stabilizers – tea, coffee, fresh air. Anxiety should cause steadfastly low blood pressure (decrease by more than 25 points from the "work"), which does not come to normal within two to four hours.

The cause of the decompression can be caused by overwork, high stress, poor nutrition, fad diets.