Russian car or a foreign car?

Many citizens prefer foreign cars, and it is clear – as a rule, foreign cars are more comfortable, are of high quality. But cars have one major drawback – they require professional servicing.

The city's difficulties with the fixation does not occur, you can always find a suitable service station. But in the village, any damage to the cars is becoming a serious problem. It should also be borne in mind that the contents of the cars and its maintenance in service is far more expensive than the repair of domestic cars. Wages in the village below the city, so this should be taken into account.

That is why the villager is preferable to opt for the products of domestic automobile industry. Spare parts for Russian cars are quite cheap and are sold at almost any auto parts store. Most repairs can be done independently, without the services of specialists of the service centres.

Choice of car model

Given the poor quality of rural roads, the best choice is to buy an SUV. The number of options here is not so great, among the top contenders include such cars as the VAZ-2121 "Niva", "Chevrolet Niva, UAZ Hunter, UAZ Patriot and UAZ pickup. Thus, the choice to be done between the two producers – VAZ and UAZ.

In the line vehicles of both manufacturers have long been known as the model - VAZ-2121, UAZ Hunter, and relatively new "Chevrolet Niva, UAZ Patriot and UAZ pickup. The first are characterized by low price, the second is a different body design and a high level of comfort.

The reliability of the model are not significant differences. All have excellent cross, while cross-country cars UAZ higher than the WHA. But the UAZ has a higher fuel consumption. Its dimensions are bigger compared to him "Niva" more compact and maneuverable.

UAZ pickup well suited to farmers and all those who quite often carry different loads. "Field" in this respect, loses all models of UAZ, its trunk is quite small. However, with the rear seats folded in the "Field" can be transported even refrigerator or other bulky cargo.

Terrain UAZ and Niva both models have no equal among the products of the Russian automobile industry. Moreover, they often have to pull out of mud and snow even crossovers of the famous Western manufacturers. Unlike many of these cars, UAZ and Niva are real SUVs, with a locking center differential and low-range gear.

Thus, if you want to feel confident on any road and not spend money on expensive repairs at the auto shop, select the UAZ or Niva" any model. It is a reliable practical car that won the hearts of many Russian motorists.