Advice 1: What Russian-made car is the best

In the history of the domestic automotive industry had a lot of good cars. And the best one to choose is difficult. Moreover, the criteria by which to assess a particular model can be very different.
What Russian-made car is the best
Soviet automobile industry reached its heyday in the 50s and 60s years. At that time it was created many interesting and original designs at the level of best foreign samples. 70-ies was marked by the construction of the domestic giant VAZ, which became to mass produce the most popular in our country, "the Zhiguli" and "Frets".

Cars VAZ

Almost every model of a Vase can be called a national car. VAZ-2101 at the time, was the first "popular" car in our country. Since the beginning of its production the car became available to many Soviet citizens. VAZ-2106, at the time, was not only the most comfortable car Vase, but also the most dynamic, second in speed only "Seagulls" and government ZIL. VAZ-2107 has set a record for the duration of issue: standing on the Assembly line in late 1981, it lasted until 2012.

The family of VAZ-2108/2109 became the first domestic front wheel drive cars. In the eighties and early 90s, these models have become the symbols of perestroika, the dream of many young people.

In the nineties, Mercedes became a leader in the domestic market. ZAZ plant became a foreign car "Moskvich" fell into a protracted crisis and in the end went bankrupt IL has not gained wide popularity. Only "Volga" could be "Frets" more-less serious competition.

Since the beginning of 2000-ies VAZ attended to update its model range. Began to produce deeply upgraded version of the VAZ-2110 – the "Lada Priora". And since 2004 – modern and affordable "Lada Kalina". After the merger Vase with French auto giant Renault model range replenished with Lada Grantas that replaced on the conveyor of the ancient VAZ-2107.


Some words should also be said about the "Niva" VAZ-2121. In the late 70's it was revolutionary for its time, SUV. I must say that in those years the foreign SUVs were built exclusively frame, primitive stiff suspensions, with a Spartan salons and small diesels. Cars design, powerful engine, comfortable interior and soft suspension much different from "Field" and foreign competitors. Since the beginning of its release 80% of the cars began to be exported. Niva was the first and only car, shipped to Japan. Foreign experts compared the VAZ-2121 with "Range Rover" and "Jeep Wrangler".

With the start of production of Chevrolet Niva classic VAZ-2121 was not sent to "retire". Both of these SUV's have become the market leaders in the sector of SUVs. Having an almost identical chassis and powertrain, they are designed for different target audience. Classic Niva is the most affordable SUV, "Chevrolet-Niva" - more modern, more elegant and more comfortable car, though more expensive.

Advice 2: The cheapest cars produced in Russia

The demand for cheap cars, some economists use as a marker of the development of the country. The Russian partners in BRICS, alas, not only ahead of Russia in GDP growth, but for a long time and have successfully used the dynamics of the development of their countries taking into consideration the budget of the buyer.
The cheapest cars produced in Russia

Cheap Russian cars manufactured earlier

If you pay attention to the cars that was previously released in Russia, one of the cheapest options was produced by the Volga automobile plant. Recently the most popular model was VAZ-2107, which was a modification of the model VAZ-2105. The production of this car lasted for a long time. It began to produce in March 1982 and ended in April 2012. The cost of this car was about 200 thousand rubles.

Old friend better new two

Come 2014, but as of a decade ago, the dealers offer the cheapest Russian car factory in Togliatti. This time with various discounts and promotions that - the LADA Granta - standard, which can be found at 230 thousand rubles Lada Samara hatchback with a price tag of 245 thousand rubles. Rumor has it that by spring the price will drop another 5-7%. Of course, we are talking about modest models. Cheaper, as of January 1, in Russia the car is not available. It is worth noting that the average $1 200 more expensive than the same Daewoo.

In the class of cars-SUVs continues to lead the domestic field. The price of the three-door model Lada Niva starts 330 thousand rubles.

Today, people have completely forgotten about fairly rating electric vehicles. For you is the best budget option was going to the plant in Mytishchi and is not too expensive by today's standards, the prices of electric vehicles: from 450 thousand rubles. Dahmer's E-Car GD04B dimensions 3350*1450*1500 mm. Weight 752 kg ground Clearance is 158 mm. Tire — 145/70 R12. The electric motor is 4 kW. The model is assembled on the basis of the Matiz. From February 2, salon Dahmer E-Car started selling, and by the middle of the month announced their temporary suspension. One can only hope that the technical suspension will be for a while.

All of these options can be called only relatively cheap. The income of the average family in Russia is low, to the same effect the real gap between the concept cheap in Russian cities and provinces.
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