When choosing a car for a large family it is necessary to consider many different factors. These include: conditions of operation of the machine, ie what roads she will travel and for what distance; the number of family members and their age; the presence of the transported Luggage and more.
If the machine will be operated only in the city or for short distances on good roads, do not pay attention to the suspension height and wheel diameter. Important here is her agility, fairly compact size and safety.
Well, if you plan frequent field trips, travel to different places, you need to buy a car with good traffic and a large roomy trunk. Also, when choosing a car is taken into account its cost and fuel consumption, i.e. efficiency.
If the family has three children, and the amount to buy a car are limited, you can buy a domestic car VAZ 2111 wagon. You can also pay attention to the cars in the station wagon manufacturers - Toyota Corolla Fielder, Nissan AD Van, Honda Airwave, Mitsubishi Lancer Wagon, etc. They have an elongated rear part, which can fit quite a lot of things. The rear seats are usually in such machines are wider and can accommodate 3 people, and if necessary develop, giving the opportunity to carry even the big stuff.
Very popular with large family use vans is a vans, able to accommodate 6 to 9 people. You can consider options such as the Ford C-Max, Ford Galaxy, Toyota Verso, VW Multivan PanAmericana, Hyundai H1, KIA Carens, KIA Carnival and more. In these cars 3 row seats, middle seats in some models you can deploy with your back to the traffic. Most often, the rear seats can be folded to form a large space for the transport of goods, and sometimes even to provide a full bed.
Comfortable, but quite expensive option for moving a large number of people is "SUV". These models have good traffic. You can consider such variants as the Chevrolet Tahoe, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Honda CR - V, etc.