Women driving is becoming more and on a completely different cars they drive. For women it does not matter how many horses under the hood of the car, what kind of system of cooling and heating, how many cylinders in the engine. The most important is a decent and neat appearance, the presence of additional features, simplicity and ease of control. In other words, the necessary comfort and convenience. And the main thing – reliability, because the woman is not will to deal with minor repairs in the middle of the road. And if you need problems associated with the permanent repair?

What requirements must present to the car?

As the wife only got the right to judge what experience she has very little. Driving schools teach so that the final certification of people coming out poorly prepared. And the first couple of years only gaining driving experience, is faced with certain situations on the road. Like it or not, but the picture on the ticket and the real life situation is completely different. In addition, requires many auxiliary functions. They are especially important when driving in the city.

So, the first thing that should be present in a car is air conditioning. Hot summer is very difficult to live without it. You can open the window, but if your wife will go to any meeting? Hair will be terrible, inside and around the suit layer of dust. And do you know what the number of trucks travels on our roads. The smoke from the tailpipes belching not worse than a steam locomotive.

Power steering – this is also important detail. Pity his wife, if she will spend the strength to cook a romantic dinner, rather than the rotation of the steering wheel. But the power can be found, as a rule, on expensive models and budget cars in recent years are equipped with an electric amplifier.

Sensors – this is the system, which is highly desirable, but it can be installed after purchasing the car. Sensors in the front and rear bumpers, they determined the distance to the obstacle. Parking problems will not arise, for the beginner this is an important plus.

And the most important is the availability of an automatic transmission. Many women agree to drive only with her, because they are simply tired of constant shifting. Here everything is much simpler, since you need to set the switch to the desired position and press the brake pedal and gas.

Which cars to choose?

A good option would be the Japanese Mitsubishi Colt. Automatic transmission, all goods, including electric power steering and air conditioning, roomy interior. Small engine volume of 1.3 liters, capable of delivering 92 horses. Pros – quick, economical, attractive, affordable price, quite cheap to maintain. Of the minuses can highlight what a lot of cars imported from Japan and are right hand drive. To the beginner it is advisable to look for with the steering wheel on the left.

If you take the Russian car industry, a good car is the Lada Kalina hatchback. However, it has the disadvantage of missing automatic transmission. But she looks good, and equipment rather rich. Service this machine is also not very expensive. And if you take out the small car, the Daewoo Matiz is the smallest car, which goes on today in our country. The rich complete set, the price is low, the fuel consumption is very small. Despite the fact that it is small, the cabin is quite spacious.