For connecting gas stove to cylinder must be reserved in advance with a gas regulator that has an output pressure of 30 mbar, gas, rubber or rubber-plastic hose fitting that has an internal thread and the nozzle for the hose connections.
For a start, the fitting is screwed to the inlet fitting of the plate. This procedure is safe. Most manufacturers of gas stoves the package plate includes a fitting. Without it will be impossible to make the connecting plate to the gas cylinder. Be sure to use the gasket, FUM-tape or a special sealant. Then, you should connect to the cylinder gear. You also need to remember about the gasket. The output of the reducer Union fitting to connect the gas hose.
Used flexible hose is a must see. It is also necessary to monitor his condition throughout the operation of the gas plate. The hose should tightly be secured with clamps. All work must be performed in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations.
The flexible hose must meet the requirements. He must constantly maintain the room temperature. Should not be heating up the hose more than 30°S. Its length should not be more than 1.5 meters. Be sure to check whether the hose of the contractions. It is impossible to prevent bending and twisting. While working on the hose shall not show cracks and signs of burning. All the material must be tough and elastic. The clamps should not be rust. Special attention should be paid to the shelf life of the hose. Ensure that it has not expired. If inconsistencies are found, should be immediately replaced.
It is forbidden to replace the hose for connecting gas stove to oxygen or water rubber hose. They have rubber gets old and covered with cracks.