You will need
  • iPad with the current SIM card
If the SIM card is already inserted in the iPad, go to the next step. Otherwise, look on the left upper side face of the tablet closed micropanel the slot with a small hole for the key, which is attached to the tablet. Insert the key into the hole and closing panel opens. Insert the SIM card into the opened hole. Reboot the iPad.
Press the round Home button located on the bottom of the front panel. This will open the main screen of the tablet, on which is an icon "Settings". Click once on this icon.
Select the tab "Cell data". On this tab, you can enable and disable data transfer via the mobile operator, roaming, change APN settings, the pin of the SIM card and go to menu "SIM"program.
This menu allows you to conduct sms-subscriptions, order promised payment and check balances. In particular, if your operator is Beeline, select the line "My Beeline". Wait a bit - after 5-7 seconds to open a menu where you can select "My balance". Further, a menu opens in which to select the line "Primary balance."
If your operator - MTS SIM-programs, select the "My balance". In the opened window, select the "Basic balance".
If you are a user of MegaFon, then your path is: "Cellular data" - "SIM" program - "MegaFon" - "Services MegaFon" - "Service guide" - "personal account" and "Balance".
Also check out the balance of the SIM card inserted in the tablet as well as any other SIM-card through Personal Cabinet on the website of your mobile operator.