To earn the money first, even if very limited in free time, taking up the sales of goods according to the principle of network marketing. In most cases, no additional financial investment this kind of work requires. You only need to register as a representative of the relevant firm, to regularly directories of products and offer it to potential buyers. With each purchase you will receive a certain percentage of the value of goods as a reward. Selection of sales depends solely on you – the girls will enjoy working with and selling cosmetics, and men to sell appliances.
Earn money for the first time will help the youth employment centre. If you do not possess any professional skills, but would like to undergo additional training before you can get a job, you can apply to the branch of the above state agencies in your city with the appropriate application on registration. After the adoption application, you will be asked to take vocational training or possible employment opportunities. Even without special courses you can take a layer of ads by courier or waiter.
If you are well versed in geography, mathematics or speak several languages, it will be easy to use their knowledge to obtain a stable cash profits. Fluency in the English language or even a linguistic higher education will allow you to earn by tutoring with students a lot of money. Knowledge of other school subjects and disciplines studied in higher educational institutions, will be useful when writing reports, abstracts, course and theses to order. Hang ads on the provision of relevant services close to Universities and schools and a regular income provided to you.