Advice 1: How to make money without starting capital

It is believed that to earn money without the starting capital is impossible, unless you work for someone else. However, if your dream is to create a business and not work on received "for show" specialty? A lot of people around the world have done the impossible - created a business without start-up capital and earned on it.
How to make money without starting capital
Starting a business without start-up capital in itself carries a positive thing: you will not lose anything. The maximum that can happen is bad - you do not earn. According to the statistics (both Russian and international) opening of 100 small businesses survive only 10. Assuming that all these enterprises were opened with initial investments (and often no!), it means that 90 out of 100 entrepreneurs just lost quite a large amount of money.
The question arises - how to earn money without start-up capital? What can you access? The first to come to mind are the types of business like shops, eateries, etc to open them, the money definitely need, because we need the room and the equipment and workers... But often we do not see earn money can in many ways.
A popular form of business with no investment - the creation, promotion and site design. All that is necessary for the entrepreneur - computer (laptop) with certain programs. For receiving orders and meetings with clients, the office is not needed, because this can happen via the Internet or at the client's office. With proper skills you can work yourself, and if the skills not to hire people who will work from home, taking you to task. Payment for performed work.
The same pattern may be other types of businesses, for example, a translation Agency, an advertising Agency. Even more a good idea a business without starting capital - the creation of a website that sells a certain type of service. A good example was the website, which unites the Tutors of Moscow The essence of this business was the fact that the site was registered willing to study and Tutors, and the site owner picked up the tutor to the student for these services took the amount of the cost of the first lesson that the tutor with the student. It is obvious that similar schemes work and not only in cases with Tutors and students. The only possible waste - the creation of the website.
The second wealth after a money - Dating, relationships, customer base. The one who got the regular clients, starting any business much easier. For example, if you worked a long time in the same field and have got regular customers, then these customers you will be able to take with it. And it could be almost any sphere - from the same sites before the law. In addition, people who know you will most likely agree to give you a advance that will help you to purchase a particular product, to be of service - depending on what needs to be done.
Still need to add some amount to start a business in 99% of cases you'll need. However, it will not start-up capital and acquisition costs required for your work equipment (laptop, creation of website). Besides, sooner or later the business will have to register, and it is best to do it before. Also, you should have money for unexpected expenses. However, most likely, it can be a small amount - up to 3 thousand$.

Advice 2 : How to do everything to do around the house

Working every day, weekends you want to save yourself from household chores and relax. But if we don't do house at all, it will be uncomfortable, cold and dirty. Lunch will not be cooked, children and husband angry. No need to cheat yourself and torture to the point of exhaustion, you need to plan things around the house so that was enough time for proper rest. But how?
How to do everything to do around the house

Make plans

In a night sit quietly in front of the TV and make a plan on the week ahead. Let it be the "big" things that require you to take more time and effort. They can plan by day of the week and every day to perform one large-scale business. Such chores may include washing bed linen and blankets (quilts, pillows), purchase Dolgorukaya products, Ironing things.

To the daily plans that you can make a Cup of tea in the evening, take a small matter. It could be cleaning dishes, emptying the trash, preparing lunch for tomorrow, picking up dust and small Laundry. On the weekend, try to leave such things as washing floors and Windows, mending clothes. Hygienic cleaning of the apartment take in the change of season, so during cleaning could remove the extra "off-season" things. Cosmetic repairs in the apartment to do as you need to these things are not accumulated.

Attract all and all

To ease domestic labour involve family members. Divide some of the responsibilities. Can dad take out the trash on the way to work, and the evening quickly vacuum the whole apartment. He can also throw things in the washing machine and switch it on. Older children can help mom with cleaning the dishes. They can also collect the toys in the room after the younger children, thus showing by example how important it is to help parents. Train your family that all things taken must be returned to the place. Thus, you will get rid of the constant clutter.

Appliances also greatly facilitates the daily work of women. All the unpleasant or long things can be passed on technique. For example, Laundry can handle a washing machine, kitchenware – a dishwasher, and cooking dinner – slow cooker. This will save not only your precious time but also your nerves.

Cleaning – joy

Women are able to do several things at the same time. Use this quality. While cleaning or cooking you can talk on the phone with a friend or with mom, watch TV, listen to the radio or audiobook. During the long harvesting is possible to study foreign languages in which you can not find the time.
Also, when cleaning, you can follow her figure. More move, bend, squat, and the extra weight won't affect your side.

If you are tired and ready to do something else, then do scheduled for another day .So you will loose time for something more pleasant in the future. Cleaning your home should not be a burden, learn to relax in any situation.
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