If you are a good specialist with experience or a graduate of a prestigious regional University, the easiest and most reliable way to earn in Moscow for you to post your CV, stating in it that the move from your city to Moscow is possible for you. As a rule, the company warmly relating to candidates from regions (such as according to statistics more than 50%!), first conduct with you a telephone interview. If you get them, you will appoint a time for a personal meeting - of course in consultation with you, because all employers know that to come to Moscow easy, not all. After receiving around 5-6 such invitations and "scattered" them for 3-5 days, you should buy a ticket for the train or plane to Moscow and to look for temporary housing: for sure you will find work. And already earn at the place of work will help you and your ambitions. According to statistics collected by employment agencies, workers from the regions as a whole make a career faster than Muscovites, thanks to his personal qualities and learning.
Those who long dreamed of opening their own business, can do it in Moscow. If your idea is not met response in your city, in Moscow it, most likely, will meet as a metropolis implies the presence of more people with different needs and higher incomes. Of course, to decide to conduct a little market research using search engines - do you have competitors or your idea unique? Who is your target audience in Moscow? What are her preferences? Also you should make a "trial" trip to Moscow for negotiations with the banks providing loans for business if your capital is insufficient for your case.
Not having a qualification and those who simply want to earn some money (for example, young people seeking a way to earn money on summer vacation) can try to find odd jobs in Moscow. This is best done through recruitment agencies, which in Moscow set: is definitely not deceived. Just call or send a summary to such an Agency, you can come in person and speak with the Manager. Young people over 16 years of age without some education and experience you take couriers, delivery guys, waiters, girls secretaries. Many companies, especially in the summer season, we need a temporary staff. You can find the version with full employment for a certain period of time or with a partial flexible schedule. Some companies offer jobs on the night shift, but according to the law in night shift can work only adult.
Separately, is true of such ways to earn money in Moscow as a marketing surveys. The announcement about their conduct are often found on the Internet in LJ-communities (such as You come at the time shown on the poll (subject to the compliance of your application with the specified parameters - for example, if you are under 18, you will not be allowed to rate cigarette), fill in the form and get from 300 to 1000. Or watching a movie and say, like it or not, and if so, what.
PR agencies often recruit promoters - those who distributes leaflets, offers in supermarkets to try a certain product. Pay for such work from 200 rubles per hour. Some are "little green men" - so PR-agencies call people in the costumes of puppets. The meaning of the work that you have a certain time to stand in costume, such as a bear, something to give or just to attract attention. It should say that it is very hard physically, and pay the "green men" no more than promoters.
Look for ways to work in Moscow for those who prefer a single job with caution. Still, not all employers enter into contracts with employees. No contract - no employment relationship. Will pay you or not - depends on the honesty of the employer.