What to do with the tick

как убрать клеща у собаки

During the inspection, carefully check the dog's coat. Pay special attention to the ears. Very often ticks climb in them. If you notice a small knot of dark color, it is quite likely that it's a tick. If in doubt, inspect the foreign object with a magnifying glass.

как вывести подкожного клеща у собаки

Please note that there are certain rules to remove ticks. Otherwise, if the insect head remain in the wound can cause infection. The tick it is necessary to remove very carefully. Grab any pair of tweezers and clamp it between the body of the tick and the skin of the dog. In no case do not pull or try to pull the insect. Extract it necessary rotational movements. After the procedure the wound and pour iodine or green paint.

клещи на животе у собаки фото

More complex, but also the most effective way to remove a tick is the method of exposure to additional funds. Before beginning the extraction process of the insect drip in a small amount of gasoline or vaseline. At least come and sunflower oil. After a few seconds the tick will weaken its grip. At this moment it is necessary to quickly remove it from the skin of the dog. Rotational motion it is recommended to carry out counter-clockwise.

как убрать клеща у кота

If after removing the tick with a dog there is no change, then show it to a specialist not necessarily. The appearance of the slightest deviation, for example, refusal of food, or drowsiness, pet as soon as possible to take the examination.

отчего то болят все мышцы

If a tick went unnoticed

In that case, if you are too late noticed the tick and the dog has already appeared the first symptoms of infection, pet urgently needs to see a vet. There are many examples of fatal outcome. The first signs that a dog is infected, are lack of appetite, fever, sluggish. In the later stages you experience dizziness, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, nausea and vomiting.

Unfortunately, to determine the disease, its degree of development and the necessary treatment at home is impossible. Only a vet can prescribe effective treatment.

Prevention ticks

The most effective means of preventing tick bites are regular checkups of the dog after a walk and the use of special drugs. Please note that the "favorite" for these insects are sometimes region behind the ears, the ears, the eyelids and the area around the nose.

Almost any pet shop available for sale special ointments, sprays and collars, which contain substances deterring ticks. Such drugs are best used regularly, especially in spring and autumn.