Advice 1: How to treat ear mites in Pets

Ear mites are bothering the animal, which restorative, constantly trying to comb out the parasite. Sometimes it comes to infection and hearing loss. The appearance of mites is an indicator that the animal's immunity is reduced, therefore, to treat ear mites from domestic animals should be comprehensively.
How to treat ear mites in Pets
You will need
  • - green tea
  • - vegetable oil
  • - garlic
  • - insecticides
Rinse the ears of green tea. Prepare an infusion of green tea – spoon of tea for a normal Cup of boiling water. Strain the infusion and cool it to a comfortable temperature. Take the pipette, dial the tea and rinse the ear and canal. Keep animal to provide free access to the ears (the cat can be wrapped in a large towel). The animal begins to shake his head, bits of mud will be eliminated along with tea. Wipe the ear canal with a cotton swab dry.
Drip oil. Take any vegetable oil and put it on some time crushed garlic. Strain the oil. Clean the ears of the animal – so the oil will quickly reach the goal. Insert the ear canal with oil (4-5 drops).
Ready to use insecticidal preparations. The variety of drugs allows to choose the most suitable option. There are formulations with antibiotics – they act on the bacteria, mites and fungi. Universal drugs have broad anti-parasitic activity. Some medication from fleas can destroy the ear mites. Consult your vet and select the most appropriate tool. Use according to instructions. During the treatment, treat the animal fully (special shampoo) – ear mites can move.
Strengthens the immune system. To support the body and enhance resistance to parasites feed your pet Echinacea preparations in accordance with the designated dosage. Feed your pet a complete and balanced diet will strengthen the body and immune system.
Will propecia all animals. Treat all of your Pets if you can't treat an ear mite from domestic animals on a monthly basis. Animals quickly become infected from each other simply by even a brief exposure.

Advice 2 : What medication against ear mites for kittens to choose

Ear mites dangerous to the health of Pets. He traumatizes the ear is sensitive and can serve the development of otodektoza. In severe cases, the disease leads to the death of the animal.
Ear mites dangerous to the health of Pets

The symptoms of ear mites

Once in the cavity of the ear, the tick begins to injure the skin, irritating the nerve endings. There is swelling, because blood vessels are filled with blood. In the ears there are open wounds, and dark sores. It is the result of interaction of dead epidermis, the waste product of parasites and exudate. Secretion form a tube in the ear canal. If treatment is not available, then soon bursts the eardrum, and the inflammatory process extends to the inner ear and the meninges. At this stage, the disease is fatal.

Treatment should be started at the first symptoms. The cat is experiencing severe itching, she scratches his ears, shakes his head. After awhile ears start to extract the purulent mass, there are wounds. Progressive disease develops symptom of krivohlavek. The animal tilts his head to the side of the affected ear at 90 degrees. Infection of the meninges accompanied by seizures. Infected cat from other animals, insects (fleas, flies). Man, too, is a peddler of infection, the mite can get on animals with clothes and shoes.

Treatment otodektoza

In the treatment the first thing you need to wash your ears with antiseptic. For this purpose, suitable chlorhexidine. Destroy parasites will help liquid medicines: Aurican, Amatriain. They are introduced into the ear with a syringe with a rubber tip. So the medicine has penetrated in the depth required after the instillation of massage ear. In addition to liquid funds there are and powder. Before beginning treatment it is best to consult with your doctor. Some effective drugs are unavailable at the pet store: "Citrin", "Prosopon". These drugs are available in the form of a spray, which is very convenient. They can bury an adult and kittens.

""Ivomec "" the medicine is intended for the elimination of mites in kittens. It is administered under the skin of 200 micrograms per kilogram of weight. When buying drugs is required to specify the age of individual, individual characteristics, the presence of other diseases. Treatment should be carried out three times every 6 days. This is due to the life cycle of the ear mite.

Prevention of the disease

You need to protect your pet from contact with stray animals, which are carriers of infection. Home must remove their shoes at the threshold, often to wash the floors with antibacterial agents. As prevention it is necessary to apply ear drops that you can use for kittens and pregnant cats.
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