Can not be photographed, if you are sick or upset. The photograph to retain negative energy and can harm you in the future. All the photographs you have to literally radiate the positive. Subsequently looking at these pictures, you will experience only positive emotions.
Can not be photographed next to the people to whom you feel antipathy. Take pictures only with those people who feel towards you positive emotions. Photo arm in arm with your enemy's ability to inflict energy damage.
Not often photographed in their home. It is better to choose for a photo session in a neutral place. In photos taken at home, it is much easier to put a spell.
You cannot store pictures of the dead along with living people. Pictures of dead people keep dead energy, which can have a negative impact on health living relatives.
It is also impossible to make a home photo gallery. It is not known what intentions did you come to this or that person. Sometimes even a bad glance at a photograph is enough to jinx the person depicted on it.
If you put a picture of a person in a bad place, he can get sick. This old people sign, so you do not need to distribute your pictures right and left. There are many magical rites associated with photos. Sometimes, even just enough to dent the picture of the enemy and utter a few sentences to impose on the person the damage.
Don't keep pictures in my wallet. The energy of money and energy of the photos did not match. It is not recommended to mix, otherwise it may adversely affect the health and financial well-being of a man, whose image caring relatives are in your wallet.
Photos in cemeteries is a separate issue. Now it has become fashionable to go to some famous graveyard and imprinted on the background of the monument to a favorite artist, writer or singer. It should not be done. Even if you adored the creativity of this man in life. From cemetery monuments comes dead energy. Generally, to walk through cemeteries without special need do not need, not to mention the fact to photograph the tombstones.