Be sure to remember the date of death of the wanted man, as well as the surname, name and patronymic of the deceased. Try to find a death certificate. It is always indicated on the Records of acts of civil status (ZAGS), which was the death of a person. Now you need to apply directly to the Registrar who issued it.
Arriving at the registry office, please contact the Department of registration of death. Show the death certificate. In that case, if the deceased person is your relative, you will be given information about the place of his burial, if not, then state employees with the Registrar of the situation, tell us how important it is for you to have this information. Employees of the registry office will give you information on what cemetery the person is buried, the permit for burial, the place of registration and place of stay of the person at the time of death, full name, surname, patronymic.
Now is to know the accuracy of the information. In the cemetery please contact the cemetery or employees and ask them to tell you where the buried people, or give information, where the burial place of at the right time. Go around this section of the cemetery, paying attention to all the graves. You may be able to find the place of burial.

In addition, knowing the date of burial, you can bypass all the cemeteries of the settlement. Be sure to contact each of them asking to show the place of burial relating to a specific date. Convince managers and employees that for you is really important. The biggest disadvantage of the method - it requires a large investment of time.
Go to the library or archive, where a collection of newspaper files. Try to find information about the date and place of burial of the person, if you find the obituary. The archives also has competent staff that will tell you where to find the right burial.
Contact the people who attended the funeral, or the relatives of the deceased. If you are a friend or relative, they will tell you information about the burial place. They can also just show the death certificate. Make a copy and contact the Registrar's office.