Posting videos in social networks

First, you need to log in to your profile in the "Classmates". On this page the following tabs are located: "Posts", "Discussion", "Alert", "Away", "Estimates", "Music" and we are interested in the "Video" tab, go to it. A window will open with the following buttons:
- "Add video", which is offered 2 ways of uploading videos to your profile from your computer or from other websites;
- "Top of the week" – here you can see the most popular videos social networks and share them with your friends or simply upload to my profile;
- "New" - a place where you can see the latest added videos users of a social network;
- My videos – there are videos which can be shared;
- "I liked it" - where you find videos that you like;
- "Video friends" here are all the videos uploaded by your friends;
- "Channels" - there are uploaded videos from different channels;
- "Subscriptions" - there are videos from channels to which you subscribe.

Download video from computer

To add video from the computer, click "Add video" button. In the opened window select the tab "Upload from computer". Will appear below the tab "Select files to upload", open it. You will see the standard menus to find the necessary file. Find the video you want to add and click open. While the video loads, you can come up with the name and record key words, otherwise referred to as tags. Also under feature download is tab Your video will see" - here you can select who will be available to view this video, all your friends or all users "Classmates".

Video download video with other Internet resources

To add videos from third party services, for example YouTube, you need to copy the link of the page with any video clip. Again click "Add video" and select "Add the link from other sites. In the field which appears below, copy the link and click "Enter" on the keyboard. All videos now added to your videos, and your friends will see it in your feed.

There is another, quicker way to add videos from other resources. Go to your profile on the "Classmates". Locate the "Add note" and copy here the link from the page with the video. After downloading, below you will see your video clip. At the bottom click "Share" to your friends to see it in your feed.