Start your journey on the Internet with "Classmates"

The majority of users going to the Internet, first open your page in social networks. There you can socialize with old friends and find new ones, share news, post interesting photos, view the latest publications and discuss them, listen to music, play games and more. One of the most popular social.of networks is a site "".

So when the browser is launched automatically to get on the "Classmates", you need to make some adjustments. The procedure will depend on the browser you use. The most common browsers, in addition to installed on the system by default, Internet Explorer are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

How to set home page in popular browsers

To open the settings browser from Google, you need to click on the icon with three horizontal lines or a wrench (in previous versions of the browser). It was there in the drop-down menu is the item "Settings" ("Settings"). Clicking on this item opens a page with the display settings. In the section "General" select the "Primary group". Select from the list the option "Next page: add". Click on the word "add" and type the website address The problem is solved.
If you set the start page to select the item "Windows and tabs from last time", then you will continue to work online with the last viewed web pages, though not out of network.

For the home page setting in popular browsers Mozilla Firefox, click "Tools" from the drop-down menu, select "settings". Click the Basic tab, there's a menu "Start" is the "When Firefox starts", in which install from a scrolling list option "Show my home page". Then, write the desired address and confirm by OK button. Now you do not have to spend extra time on the transitions page on the "Classmates" will be loaded immediately.

To set the home page in the Opera menu "Settings" select "General settings". Then in the window that opens on the Main tab, set the browser at startup. To by default open the website "Odnoklassniki", select "Start with home page". Insert in the string "Home" address on your favorite social network. OK - to confirm.
The extension "session Manager" for Firefox allows you to save the state of all tabs before exiting the browser and give the session an appropriate name, and then when you start your browser to select which session you want to open.

To make the "Classmates" as home page in Internet Explorer, click "tools" then "Internet options" located at the end of the drop-down list. In the opened window fibered "General" tab. Then in the line under the name "Home page" enter the address "Classmates", click "Apply". Now page will automatically open each time you start the browser.